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Cotillo Beach Hotel - New owners
The Cotillo Beach Hotel has new owners. Previously privately owned, it has now been purchased by Coral Hotels in what I think is their first hotel outside Tenerife.

No obvious signs of new ownership as yet, but likely to fall into the same method of operation as other hotels in the group in the future. 

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Still appealing to the Italian market???
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I really don't know why I clicked on that link Tom, because I wouldn't use the hotel in a million years ..... but thanks for the info. anyway.

Seems a lot more popular lately, based on the number of drying towels draped over the balconies in the mornings.   Wink
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I've been told that the new owners plan to upgrade/refurbish in due course to 4 star status.
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