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shops fuerteventura bills counterfeit local appear

Counterfeit bills appear in local shops in Fuerteventura
Alarm in Puerto del Rosario due to the appearance of several counterfeit bills in local shops. The owners and clients of several establishments have alerted the agents of the Local Police. The Money is an "almost exact" replica, but it has a detail that can help distinguish it. It is a small inscription in English on one side. It can be identified as "MovieMoney".

As explained by several customers affected by Onda Fuerteventura, several merchants in the down town area of Puerto del Rosario alerted to the collection of several of these tickets. The Money was allegedly used for purchases made over the weekend.

Clients and entrepreneurs seek to trace the origin of this Money to find the author or authors of the Events. So far, said the same sources, "several bills" have already been recovered and are being analysed, withdrawn and made known.

Citizen collaboration is essential in this case. The security forces ask, on the one hand, "to take extreme precautions" to prevent counterfeit notes from continuing to circulate in the capital. Also, if more counterfeit Money is found, it is brought to the attention of the Puerto del Rosario Police Station to continue investigating and facilitate the tracking.

The "MovieMoney" is printed right bellow the EU flag.

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I Heart Fuerteventura
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It also very plainly says PROP instead of the EURO on the bottom right part, and there's writing down the side saying it's not legal tender. 

You could very easily be fooled if you weren't looking, though. Good reminder to take a clear look at every single note passed to you, even if you do feel silly about doing it!
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