Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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fuste caleta covid antigen testing tests

Covid antigen tests in Caleta de Fuste?
Are there any places for taking a COVID test in Caleta de Fuste? I am planning to go there in May, so I am gathering information regarding this topic. 
I am also wondering what are the current restrictions with entering closed places? Do you ned valid COVID certificate or no?
Thank you for your answers in advance.
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Most pharmacists will sell the tests.  I think they are around the 2.50 euro mark.

Currently, a COVID vaccination certificate is required when entering some bars and restaurants. For safety, I would recommend you always have one on you, or on your phone.  

Not everywhere asks for them as under the current system it is optional for bars and restaurants (they are allowed a greater capacity if they ask for them, but a lower capacity if they don't).  In my experience even those displaying signs asking for them don't always ask!!

Remember, the rules are reviewed every week so a lot might change before you get here.

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Thank you for provided information. So you mentioned that pharmacists sell the tests... What do you mean by that? Are there any locations for COVID testing purposes or what do you mean by that? Thanks again for this information.
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You can purchase Antigen test kits in the pharmacies for your own personal testing, if you need an official Antigen or PCR test then the clinic in Caleta beside the pharmacy just up from Fado, or down from the bus station offer this service.
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