Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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molinos cueva los

Cueva de los Molinos
I came across of the cave in Puertito los Molinos online so many times and we went to this tiny village (I read somewhere there's less than 20 permanent residents living in Puertito) a few times already but never been lucky enough to be able to walk to the cave.

I know this is the west of the island and the ocean is pretty dangerous and swimming is not advised, as the currents are strong. Just want to keep the message for those going to Fuerteventura for the first time.

I also understand that the cave is accessible only when the low tide is at its lowest. Yes, my first question is "What's the number I'm looking for?" The tide is at its lowest in the next few months form now at -0.7m max (21st Feb 2019 according to my app). Is that enough to walk to the cave? Is the "route" in the water sandy or are there some rocky sections to cross as well?

Thanks in advance for any tips.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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