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cuevo villaverde llanos

Cuevo de Llanos, Villaverde
The Cave of Villaverde in the Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura is a volcanic tube with important evidence about the prehistorical periods of the island that was discovered in 1979, but was closed again in 1988.

This team of archaeologists first entered the cave in 2018, and used new technologies to disseminate their findings, and the next visit this month will be a new phase of intervention.
After forty years, this project aims to learn more about the artefacts hidden inside this cave with funding from the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the Island Government of Fuerteventura and the City of Lo Oliva.
This team of archaeologists will focus their research on geology and topography, which is a priority to define the limits of the site, expand the excavation area, specify the state of conservation and plan future explorations.
You can find this and other news stories from the Canary Islands and Spain in the free, online 'News from the Canary Islands':
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Having driven past the site many times, we finally took the turn-off to visit the caves, about three years ago. Greatly disappointed to find the caves themselves not only closed, but clearly closed-off fir some time. This despite the fact that they were still being advertised as a tourist attraction by the la Oliva Ayuntamiento at that time. I’m surprised to see in the article that they were closed in 1988, because I’m sure there were TA reviews since then? There IS a very good visitor centre, with lots of info on history etc, but making them safe for visitors would be a significant attraction!
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I went on a guided tour of the cave around 2008 when it was open to the public.
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Archaeologists will re-enter the Cave of Villaverde de Fuerteventura

The team of archaeologists of Arenisca will undertake a second research campaign in one of the most important sites of the island of Fuerteventura, the cave of Villaverde, in the municipality of La Oliva, reports the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands .

 After its first intervention in 2018, of wide repercussion both in the scientific field and for the dissemination of the works with the help of new technologies, it will be the object of a new phase of intervention, indicated in a statement.

 The cave of Villaverde (BIC) is a volcanic tube with abundant vestiges of the past discovered in 1979 that yielded important hypotheses about the prehistory of the island, but that later fell into oblivion, when it closed in 1988.

 Since then, no action had been carried out until in 2018, after forty years, an enclave recovery project was initiated with the financing of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the Island Council of Fuerteventura and the City Council of La Olive.

 The objectives of this new intervention focus on archaeological research with the support of other disciplines such as geological and topographic, for which it is a priority to define the limits of the site, expand the excavation area, specify the state of conservation and document another Possible entry

 It is also necessary to carry out a complete bio-anthropological study of the adult and child's bodies located to the left of the entrance, with the DNA analysis to determine their possible kinship.

 On the other hand, the archaeological material of previous campaigns to extract historical conclusions will also be analyzed and the interior of the cave will be probed to document the stratigraphic sequence.

 At the same time, real-time dissemination actions will be carried out throughout the works with the purpose of opening the site to the knowledge of the citizenry and talks, open days with guided visits for educational centers and the population will be organized.

 The cave has a website: that allows you to make a virtual visit and get to know first-hand the archaeological works that are carried out on time.

Tamara: the site is being worked on at present. As you leave Villaverde heading North on the main road the current site they are investigating is on the right just before the end of the village. Lots of info posters up on the fences. (I'm not talking about the entrance and tourist info centre that are down the end of a signposted lane). I read somewhere that they are doing on site talks for anybody interested but I'm guessing they are only in Spanish.
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RTVAC today:

The second phase of archaeological excavation begins at the aboriginal site of the Cave of Villaverde

The City Council of La Oliva has installed interpretive canvases outside the town, in addition to co-financing the research

The project has informative actions such as guided tours every Friday (1:30 p.m.), or talks in Raíz del Pueblo (Tuesday, August 6 and Wednesday, August 7)

The second phase of archaeological excavation in the Cave of Villaverde has already begun, a site declared BIC that houses in its interior an important aboriginal village, and whose occupation could extend for approximately a millennium.

To continue shedding light on a cultural and heritage space of enormous value, the City Council of La Oliva has been involved for the first time in a project of this type, co-financing with the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands the investigation that Arenisca executes Archeology.

The City Council has also paid for the installation of a series of interpretive canvases outside the cave. "These large-format canvases offer interesting information about how it was discovered in 1979, about the burial of a man and a boy who appeared then, or about the culture of the mahos, such as the containers and utensils they used," explained the councilor of Culture and Heritage, Iballa Pérez.

When they are next to the Villaverde crossing, the tarpaulins cover the enclosure of the cave and draw the visitor's attention to the existence of this space. A QR code redirects to the website, where extensive information about the site is disseminated, such as interviews with experts, an excavation diary, or an interesting virtual three-dimensional visit to the volcanic tube.

Guided tours every Friday

Within the dissemination actions on the Cave of Villaverde, the team of researchers of the Arenisca Arqueología company organizes guided tours of the site every Friday, starting at 1:30 p.m. These visits are free and open to the general public.

Summer School of Archeology and Anthropology

Another novelty of this second phase is the launch of the Summer School of Archeology and Anthropology, with talks twice a week at the Root People's Cultural Association, until August 15.

The first talks are the following:

Tuesday, August 6 | 5:00 p.m.

Bones that speak. Archaeologists who listen.

By Jonathan Santana Cabrera.

Wednesday, August 7 | 18:00.

Skills and knowledge from arid territories.

By María Elena Gutiérrez Lima.

As Arenisca Arqueología clarifies, this is the first time that a summer school with these characteristics is held in Fuerteventura. The Summer School of Archeology and Anthropology is organized by the EDUCERE alliance, a network of anthropology and education at the University of Oxford, led by anthropologist Elizabeth Rahman, the Canarian Anthropology Association, and Sandstone. In addition, the University of La Laguna (ULL) and ULPGC collaborate.

The AVA is funded by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Canary Islands, and has the collaboration of the City Council La Oliva, housing students in the Hostel of El Cohombrillo.

The archaeological excavation of the Cave of Villaverde continues

If the last archaeological investigation carried out in 2018 was promoted from the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Government of the Canary Islands, in this second phase, the City Council of La Oliva is involved with funding, in addition to the transfer of space, because the cave is located in a municipal land.

This phase will take place over five months from July 2019, and will feature developments such as expanding the excavation surface, trying to delimit the entity of the site, or new analyzes of archaeological material.

In this sense, bio-anthropological studies of the remains of the burial of an adult man and a child will be carried out, analysis of the material extracted in the first phase to learn more about the vegetation, the climate and the landscape in past times, or the search for seeds to try to understand if there were crops.

The Cave of Villaverde was discovered in 1979, after the collapse that some works caused in this volcanic tube. Inside there appeared an interesting aboriginal burial, as well as vestiges of settlement. After the first excavations carried out in the eighties, last year the excavations that have confirmed, three decades after leaving the investigation, the importance of the deposit were resumed.

[Image: 23EBftP.jpg] [Image: jhyOifL.jpg] [Image: ydxTbxU.jpg]
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