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fv baby deceased

Deceased baby in FV

The father of the deceased baby locked up in Tahiche prison.

The investigation into the terrible event is under summary secrecy.

The terrible news of the death of a 3-month-old baby has shocked the island of Fuerteventura this Tuesday, May 9. The information was advanced this morning by Fuerteventura F.M. and left most of the majoreros in shock.

The death of the minor occurred on May 1, but it has not been until today when her father has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the ill-treatment of the minor. He is in the prison of Tahiche.

For now, the causes of the baby's death are unknown. The National Police is trying to clarify what could have ended his life through an investigation that is under summary secrecy. The guard court of Puerto del Rosario has taken over the investigation and has issued the detention order for the detainee.
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Radio Sintonia:

In reference to the alleged violent death of a baby in Fuerteventura, which was reported last day Canarias7, echoing this means of communication the judicial body investigating the case, the Court of First Instance to Instruction number 6 of Puerto del Rosario, authorizes the confirmation that preliminary proceedings are instructed for the alleged murder of the baby and that there is a person in preventive detention, in Tahíche, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of murder. However, the investigation is secret.

According to the data collected by Canarias7, a relative went with the baby to the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, where nothing could be done to save the child. It was there that the protocol was activated in the event of possible abuse.
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Shock in Fuerteventura by the coroner's report of the deceased baby on the island.

The autopsy of the girl reveals malnutrition, dirt, a "very serious" dermatitis from spending hours with a wet diaper on, blows and traces of cocaine in her body.

In what seems an absolute failure of the system, since the couple had withdrawn two other children, the island of Fuerteventura is shocked with the latest leaked news of the forensic report for the death of the little girl.

The description that the forensic doctor gives of the three-month-old girl who died on April 29 in Fuerteventura is Dantesque. The corpse presented blows related to some aggression, the formation of the head reveals malnutrition, the parents had never cut his nails and dirt had accumulated in them as well as in the navel; He also suffered from a "very serious" dermatitis when spending hours with a wet diaper on and traces of cocaine were found in his body. His father is in prison as the alleged perpetrator of a murder and his mother is free, although with restrictive measures such as not leaving the island. Both had already been taken from two other children who were in a similar situation.

The chronology of what happened according to the car of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 6 of Puerto del Rosario, whose owner is Sergio Aliaga, indicates that the same day that the death occurred the father sent his partner some audios in which he presented an obvious state of nervousness because "the child did not stop crying and wanted to calm her down and be able to smoke a joint". The forensic doctor points out that the girl already entered the clinic deceased "at least three or four hours ago", although the father stated that she fell asleep after she stopped crying and when he realized that she was not well he decided to go to the health center where the girl "entered hot, alive". A neighbor who responded to the scene said he never heard the victim cry.

Poor hygiene

The doctors noticed the lack of hygiene suffered by the little girl, who presented "a very serious dermatitis as a result of having for hours with a wet diaper, with a cranial fontanelle (spaces in the baby's head before it is completely formed) of five centimeters that shows malnutrition ". And, according to forensics, "the baby was fed half of normal" at that age. The report continues: "He had abundant dirt on his nails", which his parents had never cut since birth, "as well as in the navel" and "traces of cocaine in his system", considering it as "one of the causes of death".

Agents of the National Police went to the house in Puerto del Rosario to inspect the conditions in which the parents, who allegedly suffer from an addiction to narcotic substances, lived. The state in which the house was confirmed the lamentable situation in which the baby lived, with cigarettes and joints near where she was bathing and accumulation of dirt for several days. This panorama "proves at least indiciarily that the child of three months lived in unhealthy conditions not compatible with the short time of life she had," says the judge in the car.

"Grotesque and clear reiteration"

The Police also found that another of the couple's children had already tested positive during a urine test for cocaine and cannabis, "which shows a clear reiteration, grotesque and clear, in the lack of care of a child less than a year old." For them, the social services had withdrawn last October the custody of this and another child to the parents, giving it to the paternal grandparents.

The judge accuses the father of what happened, since the mother stated that it was he who was in charge of the care of the girl and that at the time of her death he was the one who was with the child. With everything described, the judge sent the father to provisional detention, communicated and without bail in what could be attributed from a homicide by recklessness to a murder, with sentences of up to 20 years in prison, as there are indications that "point to one or several violent actions perpetrated by the father", as reported Friday in a statement by the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC).


The medical examiner said shaking a three-month-old baby can lead to death. In addition, the man came to have two requirements from the courts for his appeal and search during the previous two years to have a record.

The judge also denied an appeal filed by the mother in which she requested the lifting of the precautionary measures against her, such as leaving the island to visit the father of the deceased. The court emphasizes that there was a breach of the measure that withdrew the parental authority of their other two children, since when they occurred the two children were with the father instead of with the grandmother. Thus, both were "exposed to danger" as evidenced by the death of their little sister.
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