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demolition house cotillo midwife

Demolition of the House of the Midwife, El Cotillo
Radio Sintonia:

They denounce the demolition of the House of the Midwife or Maximina Santana, in El Cotillo.

The El Efequén Heritage Association publicly denounces the demolition of the house known as Casa de la Pantera or Casa de Maximina Santana, in the town of El Cotillo. This house was built in the mid-nineteenth century with the materials and values of traditional architecture. It was a U-shaped stone house with all its rooms standing and a façade facing south. Despite its age, the house did not have partial collapses and preserved all its walls, walls and even roofs until February 5, 2024, when a shovel demolished it almost entirely.

The group points out that they are informed that this house appears in the Municipal Architectural Catalog that has been in the process since 2008 but to date has not been approved or published. Therefore, this house does not have the proper protection, although it meets all the requirements for it. The promoter of the new work has a demolition license from the City Council of La Oliva dated December 2014 where it is established that it is a "house in ruins", proceeding to its demolition just before the approval of the Municipal Architectural Catalog that has been in process for almost thirty years.

In addition, this event is reminiscent of what happened with the so-called "Casa de Sarabia", which went from being a three-quarter black stone house on the cliff to a kind of two-storey palace less than a few metres from the sea. In the same way, the stone house was demolished with the pertinent permits and a mammoth was built in its place that does not maintain the line of materials or form of the traditional construction of the town of El Cotillo.

On the other hand, right in front of the Casa de la Partera we have a recently built work -which does not fit into the environment due to its morphology and size-, which at the time was in litigation because it was built very close to a lime kiln that was expected to be declared a BIC. This declaration only occurred after the construction of the new work.

We want to emphasize that this town is being the victim of a process of significant speculation. This case is a clear example of this. It is an old one-storey house, in the process of protection, close to the sea, with views of Piedra Playa, Roque de la Mar and Torre del Tostón, which will never be covered, acquired by a citizen of the European Union for demolition and subsequent replacement by a two-storey residential building with a basement. From its location you can see the scaffolding that surrounds the Torre del Tostón used for its current restoration, which began after the act of vandalism in which the eighteenth-century stones that form it with the word "Liberta" were graffitied.

To conclude, "we would like to highlight that the town has more places in holiday homes than the census population, and that the institutions have the duty to protect the heritage, the landscape, the social welfare and the local economy of our towns".

link to article for pic

Another article:

David Hernández: "the demolition in El Cotillo could not be stopped due to a Municipal License granted in 2014".

In the face of the images of demolition in El Cotillo disseminated on social networks, the City Council of La Oliva offers clarification on the incident and focuses on the progress of the municipality in heritage protection through a new catalog.

In his statements, the Councilor for Urban Planning and Historical Heritage of La Oliva, David Hernández, highlighted the importance of providing clarity and understanding to the community: "Yesterday, neighbors of El Cotillo informed me about the demolition of an old house. Despite our efforts, the demolition could not be stopped due to a Municipal License granted in 2014. As the councillor responsible for the area and together with the urban planning team, we will work diligently on the preparation of the Architectural Catalogue to avoid similar situations and preserve our heritage and cultural identity".

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, shared the citizens' concern and highlighted the meticulousness of the process: "the municipality of La Oliva is extensive and diverse, which demands time to properly catalog and protect our historic spaces. We are committed to avoiding mistakes and learning from experiences on other islands."

Regarding the progress of the heritage catalog, Hernández reported: "We have been working on it for two years, and if everything goes according to plan, it will be initially approved during this year 2024. This instrument is crucial, and we will thoroughly review existing dossiers to ensure that there are no more situations like the one that occurred."
Living my dream
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OK it was a ruin,but what they are doing is pure legalised vandalism.
The amount of building in El Cotillo is out of control, we are back to 2006.
They say they wont build above Piedra Playa,the town plan also says no it won't
BUT twixt surf beach and Escuela sites are marked out.
Wait for the pressure from the big hoteliers and a few brown envelopes and it will happen.
Just look what has happened to Papagayo on Lanza and El medano on Teneriffe.
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Vandalism indeed in El Cotillo. No house build after 2000 fits in a nice way into this once sweet old village. It's like Majoreros don't even care.
It's structural demolition. Investments and bankers destroyed El Cotillo completely.

Trying to focus on the beautiful beaches, although the municipality does a firm job to ruin these as well, considering lots of new ugliness happening on La Concha beach.

Let's hope they will never ever implement that horrible idea of the walking 'boulevard' along the beach side starting at El Cotillo village. An old plan, dating from massive destroyers in times when the most ugly place of Fuerteventura was made; Nuevo Horizonte.
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Alas, the writing was always on the wall when the powers that be decided El Cotillo would be the next ‘resort’ on the island. 20 odd years ago the corrupt mayor gave illegal permission to build numerous hotels along the coast to the lighthouse. Then I remember plans for a golf course between El Roque and Cotillo. They eventually got their way with the large hotel and then then the complex of Apartments in front (Denebola)
The Financial crash in 2008 stalled any further development for a few years but there’s no stopping it now. Somebody always wanted Cotillo to be the third resort in the North of the island. It didn’t have to be that way but greed got in the way and the locals weren’t interested in preventing this anyway. 
It wouldn’t happen in Lanzarote but the Conejeros have more pride than the Majoreros. They sold their soul when it came to El Cotillo.
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