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renewal certificate digital need

Digital Certificate - need for renewal?
Just a quickie, I hope! Chatting to a friend the other day, they suggested that the Digital Certificate has a fixed term, and needs to be renewed after a period - two years, they think. I can’t tell them they are wrong because it’s not something I’d even considered..... Can anyone advise, please? Does my Digital Certificate, which I do use regularly, require a periodic renewal? That would seem unduly cruel after the hassle of getting it set up!
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The one I got is valid for 4 years, some are just for 2 years I think. 
I know what you mean, after all the palaver!
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Mine is 4 years, you can check by viewing the certificate.
Working on it, one step closer  Cool
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I assume, then, that it’s going to be a matter of going through the whole process again? Nothing as simple as a confirmatory (“yes, still me, still here, still need it”) online system? Sigh!
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The process dosnt seem too complicated. Instructions taken from here:

Renew Certificate
The process of renewing your Natural Person Certificate may be carried out during the 60 days prior to the expiration date of your certificate and as long as it has not been previously revoked.
How can I know when my certificate expires?
The renewal consists of three steps that must be carried out in the order indicated:
  1. Previous configuration . To renew the certificate, it is necessary to install the software indicated in this section.

  2. Request the renewal Make sure you have your FNMT Certificate of Natural Person ready on the computer from which you are going to request the renewal. At the end of this process we will send you an Application Code that you will need in order to download your renewed certificate.

  3. Download the certificate . Approximately 1 hour after requesting the renewal and using the request code that we have sent to your email account, from here you can download and install your renewed certificate and make a backup ( RECOMMENDED ).
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That looks hopeful McAdam, no going places for ID etc. Thanks for the info.
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