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take don beach car

Don't Take Your Car on the Beach
A hire car was driven on to the Playa Alzada beach at 7am on Wednesday morning:

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Some people aren't too bright!  Earlier this year I lent my mobile phone to a guy who had pulled off the edge of the road through the dunes south of Corralejo and found himself axle-deep in soft sand.  His mobile battery was flat and he needed to call a breakdown truck to tow him out.
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Unbelievable that someone could drive deliberately down onto that beach! Utter morons. I hope they get charged for any involvement of emergency services and that the car was recovered before the tide came in.

I've just reread the Captain's post and noted the time of the incidence, 7am. This makes me think that rather than an early start to a day at the beach it is more likely the very late finish to a night on the town!
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