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off track drive don beach

Don't drive off track or on beach!

Up to 6,000 euros fine for driving by car on the beach.

Given the proliferation these days in social networks of videos that show bad practices in the natural environment, the Ministry of Environmental Sustainability wants to remember that this type of actions that threaten the protection of natural spaces can incur sanctions.


Island ecosystems are fragile territories, so any bad condition can cause irreparable damage to the territory and biodiversity. Its reproduction on social networks can also aggravate the problem, since it could cause a call effect.


The circulation of vehicles in natural spaces outside the enabled tracks causes a serious impact on the territory, the landscape, as well as affecting the birdlife. From the area of Environmental Sustainability it is warned that this type of actions entail sanctions of 600 to 6,000 euros, according to the Law of Land and Protected Natural Spaces of the Canary Islands. They may also carry sanctions as established by the Coastal Law.


In addition, the importance of citizen collaboration is recalled since, in the case of witnessing any of these infractions, it is necessary to notify 112 or the competent authorities such as local Police or environmental agents.

For the Ministry of Environmental Sustainability the objective is, above all, to prevent these illegal practices from becoming habitual, since they are authentic attacks against the natural heritage and the species that inhabit Fuerteventura. Therefore, it is important to promote environmental awareness to stop these actions and protect the environment.

Tamara: some publications are including a video of an instance today of a car getting stranded on a beach and needing a JCB to recover it. My decision was not to personally promote this video as it includes the view and sound track recorded by the protagonists as they drove across the beach and then got stuck, precisely the actions that are being discouraged.
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Radio Sintonia:

The Civil Guard denounces two drivers for driving on the Playa de la Barca following a video published on social networks.

The Civil Guard of the Main Post of Morro Jable, in Fuerteventura has administratively denounced two drivers, one of a tourism and another of a mechanical shovel for circulating with a motor vehicle along the coastal coast of the Playa de la Barca of the municipality of Pájara, following the publication of a video on social networks in which the infraction described was observed.


Publication and analysis of the images
This investigation was initiated by the components of the Main Post of Morro Jable, following the publication of a video on the social networks of a majorero media in which the behavior described was observed.

Immediately the appropriate steps were initiated that allowed to know exactly the date and place of the facts, being treated by the characteristics of the coastal coast of the Playa de la Barca located in the northern area of the beach of Sotavento and that is cataloged as a protected natural space.

Once the facts were located in place and time, the Civil Guard carried out the appropriate checks to know the identity of the offenders, turning out to be two neighbors of Majorera Island known to each other.
Administrative complaints
With all these data, together with the video in which the irregularity detected is clearly observed, the Civil Guard made a total of four complaints, typified as follows; two administrative infractions for non-compliance with the General Coastal Regulations for carrying out unauthorized circulation with a motor vehicle in the area and
the other two for infringement of the legislative decree on territorial planning and protected areas of the Canary Islands for circulating outside the tracks enabled in the protected natural spaces that have been sent to the Competent Authority of the Territorial Demarcation of Coasts of Las Palmas and the Ministry of Environment of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura respectively, which will determine the seriousness of the facts and the amount of the corresponding sanction.
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The driver of the Playa de la Barca tractor "had authorization for the rescue".

Sources of the company that rescued a few days ago a fool who got into the Playa de la Barca with an ALL-rounder, which was finally stuck, do not leave their amazement with the information published these days following a notification from the Civil Guard.


According to these same sources, the tractor driver's company is called from the crane and with municipal authorization they go at first to see how the vehicle is, which is rescued the next day with the most favorable tide.


"We were alerted to go and rescue the car, which probably would have been lost if we didn't take it out at that time. The information about the complaint is affecting us on a personal level, since although we know that we have acted in accordance with the law, we have customers, family and friends who are concerned with this, affecting us to sleep, "say sources of the company, "the case is that from the Civil Guard they tell us that there is no such complaint, but something else has been published."


The tractor driver a well-known person in the south of the island by Pepe seven seven does not give credit and tell us that he is very upset with the situation that has occurred, "the man tries to help, they ask him to do it and he is involved in this problem".


The mayor confirms the version of the tractor driver


After consultation of this digital medium with Pedro Armas, mayor of Pájara, he confirms the version of the company. "Once they warn us of the problem, and the municipal Police are notified, the firefighters try to assess if the car can be taken out with the cable, a question that is impossible due to the distance in which it was in the car. At this moment it is about looking for a private individual who can and above all who dares, since it is not easy, and at this point this man had to move the next day at five in the morning at low tide to take out the car. In any case, all this is contemplated in the attestation of the municipal Police."

Asked about what happened, the mayor says he does not understand the controversy, but what is clear "is that there should be no complaint to the tractor driver because he was attending to a municipal request. Leaving the car there was not an option," he concludes.

Tamara: only in Fuerte ......  Wink
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New vehicle rammed on the beach of Costa Calma.

It becomes common for tourists or locals to try to get with the car to the beach.

It is repeated again in the southern part of the island of a car with "the sand up" after trying to reach the same shore with the car.


In this case it is a rental car, where in all probability some tourists insisted "on doing the grace".

In this case the car was finally taken out with the help of an all-rounder, but everything seems to indicate that nothing will free the daring who tried to reach the shore from the fine.

link to article for pic
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