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with private don civil guard car mess

Don't mess with a Civil Guard's private car!
The Civil Guard reports on the clarification of a wave of robberies with force inside vehicles in Fuerteventura. The crimes were carried out in isolated areas of the island's coastline, taking advantage of the carelessness of fishermen or people who were hiking to commit criminal offenses.
Radio Sintonía Fuerteventura- The Civil Guard of the Puerto del Rosario Post, together with the Morrojable Main Post, in Fuerteventura, proceeded on January 24 to arrest a 45-year-old man with a Police record for a crime Continued robbery inside the vehicle, clarifying with this action a total of 15 crimes of robbery and theft inside the vehicle.
Theft and investigation
Given the concern about the increase in complaints filed in the Civil Guard offices of Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo and Morrojable, the modus operandi in all crimes coinciding with the fracture of a window with a blunt object to steal valuables from the interior of the vehicles that were in isolated coastal areas, an investigation was initiated in order to clarify the criminal offenses reported.
The first Police investigations focused on the manifestations of several witnesses who led the agents to follow up on a specific vehicle that was located in the vicinity of where the robberies had been committed, all this verified with the analysis of available data coinciding in the robberies, the agents focusing on a 45-year-old individual, a native of the island of Fuerteventura, with a long criminal record.
This point was confirmed on January 22, when this individual was surprised in the town of Puerto del Rosario when trying to steal effects from the interior of the private vehicle of a Civil Guard agent on duty, a fact that was frustrated because he was surprised by the agent when he tried to access the vehicle, so he fled the scene, confirming the line of investigation carried out so far.
Location and detention
Immediately, the Civil Guard of the Puerto del Rosario Post, in coordination with the Morrojable Main Post, began efforts to search and locate the suspect, achieving on January 24 his location and detention in the Fayagua area (Pájara ), for this the collaboration of the Betancuria Local Police was key, who provided Benemérita with relevant data for her discovery in a house in the southern part of the island of Majorera, in addition to having participated in the search operation.
The Civil Guard was able to recover numerous personal effects such as bags, documentation and a knife with a characteristic engraving, which was stolen from inside a vehicle in the town of Tindaya (La Oliva), this being recognized and delivered to its rightful owner.
With this investigation and subsequent arrest, a total of 15 crimes of robbery and theft inside a vehicle were clarified in the municipalities of La Oliva, Antigua, Betancuria and Pájara, leaving the detainee at the disposal of the corresponding court in guard duty, of Puerto del Rosario.
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