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dreamland studios

Dreamland Studios?
There has been a lot of press coverage given to an application to build Dreamland studios between Tamaragua and the Dunes:
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Yes, there has been a lot of coverage. It may be hugely speculative, easy to ‘knock’ - and many will - but it’s good to see a bit of broader thinking, some ambition beyond tourism. Interesting, anyway!
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It's not a viable business proposition.  If it goes ahead, it will end up being another vanity project, just like the technology park.

A couple of my friends have worked in the movie industry for many years.  When I mentioned it to them, they just laughed.
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I can't work out if this is an independent business proposal, e.g. the private sector, or if it is driven by La Olivia Council?

If the former, they will have already assessed the viability. If the latter, perhaps someone has been at the wacky backy?

As a public sector scheme, it has no chance as very large screen-stages all over the world  and similar facilities are sitting empty for very long periods, desperate for someone to hire them for filming or post production facilities.

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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