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half dunes marathon

Dunes Half Marathon - 2/11/19
The annual Dunes Half Marathon is being held on 2nd November 2019.

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Hundreds of participants from twenty different nationalities will arrive in the municipality of La Oliva to enjoy, on Saturday, November 2, the 'XI Alltours ½ International Marathon Dunes Fuerteventura', one of the Events most attractive and unique sports Calendar in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, and also at national and European level.

Its route through the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo (La Oliva, Fuerteventura) makes this event a unique event, offering runners an unparalleled desert scene and enviable climatic conditions, with mild temperatures being at the doors of winter.

The race has been taking more and more attention to the families and companions of the runners, something that the representatives of the organization, in charge of the City Council of La Oliva and the Columbus RunnerFuert Club, highlighted in the presentation of this morning's event.

The event was attended by the councillors of Sports, Gleiber Carreño, and Tourism, Marcelino Umpiérrez, the counsellor María Jesús de La Cruz on behalf of the Island Council, and Antonio Ibáñez as president of the Columbus RunnerFuert Club.

The councillors of the City Council of La Oliva responsible for collaborating areas, Oliver González, Works and Services, David Fajardo, Environment, and Rubén González, Parks and Gardens also attended the event.

Gleiber Carreño highlighted "the trajectory of a consolidated sporting event that has made the municipality of La Oliva a benchmark", "the work of the Columbus club in the organization", and invited "the public to the public to attend and local runners to enjoy once again of this fantastic race, "moved the Councillor for Sports.

The majority of participants in this test, 90%, are runners coming from outside the island, and 60% from other nationalities, runners from about twenty different countries. In the opinion of the Councillor for Tourism, Marcelino Umpiérrez, "this is undoubtedly a great support for the tourist and commercial sectors of Corralejo and La Oliva, which we receive with open arms to the brokers and their companions and families."

In this regard, said from the Columbus RunnerFuert Antonio Ibáñez Club, "this year we will have more activities for children and families in the departure and arrival area, next to the El Campanario Shopping Center, with performances, inflatables and, of course, the races children 's, in which a hundred boys and girls from athletics schools will participate, raising the total number of participants to about 600.

Ibáñez said that the sponsorship of Alltours "is proof of the uniqueness of the Half Marathon of the Dunes, as it is not usual for international tour operators to start sponsoring and identifying themselves with sporting Events", thanking the support of the German tour operator.

The insular advisor María Jesús de La Cruz declared that for the Cabildo de Fuerteventura "it is a pride and an honor to support this type of Events, with international participants who we invite to enjoy a natural environment like the Dunes of Corralejo, and that we hope to they carry a good image of the island. "

The City Council of La Oliva and the Columbus RunnerFuert Club thanked the collaboration of entities such as the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, the El Campanario Shopping Center, HiperDino Supermarkets and Coca Cola, and especially the sponsorship of Alltours.

The departure of this 'XI Alltours ½ International Marathon Dunes Fuerteventura' will take place at 9:30 am on Saturday, November 2, from the El Campanario de Corralejo Shopping Center.

Courtesy of www.laoliva.es
I Heart Fuerteventura
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A report on the half marathon - https://deportes.ondafuerteventura.es/pr...teventura/
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