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easyjet cencellation

EasyJet Cencellation
I know this is not directly related to Fuerteventura but a lot of people who use this site fly frequently and might be able to advise me. We have had a flight to Menorca booked for some time. Two days ago, with no explanation, the return leg was cancelled. I can't understand this. If they are taking a plane full of people one way surely the majority will be returning the following week. O.K. some will be going for two/three weeks and more but I would have thought most folks have one week holidays. Anyone got any ideas please.
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Thats happened to us several times with EasyJet. Never had a proper explanation from them. One time we knew the flight had been cancelled before the call centre did. Terrible airline, and terrible customer service. Good luck.
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Thank you for replying. We have never had a problem with EasyJet in the many years we have used them. That’s why we were surprised they cancelled with no explanation. We have no choice anyway. Bristol is our nearest airport that flies to Menorca/Fuerteventura and that’s 140 miles away. Birmingham being the next at 200 miles. Ryanair is the only other carrier that flies from Bristol (not always) and we only went with them once – NEVER again -  don’t get me started! Still can’t understand why they are happy to take people out but not bring them back?  Any idea's anyone? Huh
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Everybody is canceling flights.

If you booked the two legs together just ask for a full refund and move on. There is nothing you can do about it. 

That flight going out has enough passengers to keep the airline happy.  The return doesn't.

Not everybody on that flight is going on a return holiday trip. Some are going home. Or going for a long stay so booked only one way.
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Thanks for reply Will. We are not cancelling our flight out as we want to holiday in Menorca on the dates we are going as we will be celebrating a milestone event whilst there. I have moved on and booked another flight back but I also appreciate some people haven't got the ability to change their plans at the drop of a hat. If in that position I would be seriously unhappy if my return flight had been cancelled after the airline were quite happy to take me to my destination. Anyway, I really do think an explanation of the reason for cancellation would be the least you would expect from a long standing company like EasyJet. Suppose we have to keep our finger crossed our new return flight isn't cancelled whilst we are on holiday.
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We had several flights cancelled without any explanation. I honestly don't think it's just EasyJet but yes, they can do much better. CS is almost non existent and getting a reply to an email takes weeks. This being said, we're not planning to stop using them, yet. Just bot booking any more tickets in advance as we used to.
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