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closed cotillo beach town

El Cotillo town beach closed

The beach of the pier of El Cotillo is closed due to spills.

It is unknown where the leaks that have been occurring since Saturday come from.

The City Council of La Oliva has closed the Playa del Muellito in El Cotillo to the bathers last Saturday due to a discharge of sewage, whose origin is still unknown. According to the TVAC, the discharges appear intermitently.

"We are looking for solutions to this new spill since Saturday," explains Julio Santana, councilor of beaches of the City of La Oliva. "We are trying to rule out where it comes from and this Tuesday we will proceed to a new testing."
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A few years ago when I was surfing on Castillo beach in Cotillo you would sometimes see a large slick of raw sewage drifting southwards on the current. This was before they moved the sewage treatment plant up to El Roque.
It was never mentioned anywhere in the media although local surfers knew about it.
It’s good to know they’re testing the water here now so they can take appropriate action such as beach closures. Hope they find the source of the leak quickly.
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I take it the lagoons are not affected ?
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No, the spillage is only in the old harbour ATM and they say it will be cleared by Thursday.

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How are they containing it? A sewage slick will
Travel either up or down the coast depending on the currents.
I’d be inclined to stay out the water anywhere around Cotillo until they’ve identified the leak and tested the water to be all clear.
This did make me think about the sewage treatment plant that they replaced in Cotillo around 10 years ago. There’s no way that’s going to cope with the massive increase in tourism in the village. Add all the new build into the equation and it could be an ongoing situation. The overflow will have to go somewhere.
This could even be a knock on from the recent Musica held in the village. Just a thought.
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Radio Sintonia:

The City Council of La Oliva reopens to the public the Playa del Muellito in El Cotillo
The City Council of La Oliva announces the opening of Playa del Muellito in El Cotillo after the satisfactory resolution of the spill incident.

The City Council of La Oliva informs the community that Cotillo beach has been reopened to thepublic after taking adequate measures to resolve a previously detected spill incident. The Councilor for Beaches, Julio Santana, says that "exhaustive analysis of the water has been carried out, yielding results that indicate an excellent quality for recreational use and bathing."

After becoming aware of the spill, the City Council of La Oliva acted immediately to identify the source, immediately closing the beach of El Muellito and taking the corresponding corrective actions. Thanks to the joint effort of the municipal team and the Canaragua company, it has been possible to solve the situation and guarantee the safety of bathers.

Despite the favorable results obtained in the analysis of the water, controls and analyzes will continue to be carried out during the next week, as part of the commitment to ensure the quality and safety of the beaches of the City of La Oliva. These additional controls will ensure that the measures implemented have been effective in restoring water quality.

The Councilor for Beaches, Julio Santana, emphasized the importance of the prompt action taken by the City Council of LaOliva to resolve the spill and reopen the Cotillo beach. In addition, he expressed his gratitude to all those involved in the process and affirmed that continuous vigilance will be maintained to ensure that quality standards are maintained at all times.

The mayor, for his part, highlights the importance of "being able to provide citizens and visitors with safe and quality spaces to enjoy the coast." From the City Council of La Oliva, we encourage all those interested to make responsible use of the Cotillo beach and to be attentive to future communications about its status.
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