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fuste scooters update caleta electric

Electric Scooters in Caleta de Fuste - update
At the meeting of the Ayuntamiento of Antigua today the first stage of producing a local law to control the use of electric scooters.
There is now a 30 day public discussion period before the new law comes into force.
The main highlight is (translated through Google) - The Ordinance establishes, among other highlights, the prohibition of the circulation of electric mopeds in any pedestrian area, such as sidewalks, squares, avenues or promenades, restricting their use, in some cases, to the bike lane, or according to engine power, to urban roads whose speed is limited to 30 or 50 km / h.
The full press report -
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(28-02-2019, 09:37 PM)Captain Sensible Wrote: ... restricting their use, in some cases, to the bike lane...
That's the best solution, IMHO. Now they'll have to teach the pedestrians not to stroll on the bike lanes.  Huh
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Trouble is a certain type of person thinks that local laws are to be ignored. I've seen a sign near the harbour which clearly says "No scooters etc" but it does not seem to stop those who have no regard for such notices. Bit like the ones that request "do not feed the  chipmunks"!!!  The flippin' chipmunks have become a tourist attraction according to at least one FaceBook page!
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Like everything you can make and pass a law but its the enforcement and acceptance by everyone which will make it work.
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Ive always thought the cycle lanes in Corralejo are badly designed.  They should be on the road and not as part
of the pathway.  Ive seen so many near misses because people walk into the lane.  When people walk to the kerb
they look for traffic which would include bikes and scooters if they were part of the road. I think the way it is now
makes it more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists (and soon to be scooters).
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I was actually knocked over by a cyclist in Corralejo at the top of the main street just outside the perfume shop. It was just after they had built the cycle lane/pavement, It had been raining and the path was damp I went to cross the cycle lane to cross the road looked up the cycle lane and no bike was there however as I stepped out a cyclist came at a fast rate down the cycle lane clipped me I somersaulted in the air and came down with a bang, I had blood pouring out of a head wound and fortunately a restaurant owner came out and took me into his property giving me lots of tissue to soak up the blood, The cyclist turned out to be an Italian and on examining his bike it had no tread on the tyres no brakes or bell. The restaurant owner wanted to call an ambulance and the Police. However, I was flying the next day and was concerned that I would not be allowed on a plane and would be involved in statements and a possible court case.

The Italian cyclists claimed the bike was his friends and was very apologetic, but he must have seen me. I asked him why didn`t he shout out or warn me. All he said was he couldn`t stop  he was on a hill and going too fast and he had applied brakes and nothing happened and he couldn`t steer away because there were other people on the path (as it was busy due to the rain- nobody sunbathing that morning!). 

I sometimes regret now that I didn`t take any action. Maybe if I had then some action would have been taken as I`m sure others must have had incidents on the cycle lane on the main drag.

Somebody in the planning department who came up with the idea of not separating cyclists and pedestrians should be spent time walking every day up and down the cycle lane and experience the reality of mixing the 2 groups.
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(01-03-2019, 12:59 PM)beachlife Wrote: Like everything you can make and pass a law but its the enforcement and acceptance by everyone which will make it work.

They at least acknowledged the issue and want to do something about it. And this looks like better option than forcing the rental shops to close.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Great news to report on this, twice I was in the white centre yesterday and there is a security guard waking round the place with a very large wooden truncheon, nearly as big as a baseball bat, anyway on each occasion he stopped some young lads on those electric scooters and told them to get off obviously his English is not great because he demonstrated to them how they should WALK in the White Centre alongside their scooter 🛴 and not be riding it. Looking at him and the truncheon I don’t think he will get many objectors.
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