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electric bike scooter

Electric bike or scooter
Anybody have any idea were to  buy an electric scooter or bike.
Scooter needs to be a sit on one.
Checked electron but no seats.
Any ideas ?
Thanks craig
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Sit on electric scooters do not comply with new laws that came in at the start of 2021, and will be enforced (strictly) by 2023.

If you need to sit and not stand, then an bike will be the way to go.

For Ebikes, there are some cheaper Chinese ones around, google or facebook market place would be best.
If you want the brand name ones, there are several bike shops in Puerto del rosario that stock ebikes.
A google search and afternoon of visiting should bring some good options.
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Thanks for the reply.
Wasnt aware of the legal aspect.
Seen some reviews of the cheaper electric bikes and they seem ok......
Will have a look.
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