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tarajalejo rental lovesharing electric bike station

Electric bike rental station in Tarajalejo - Lovesharing
Just noticed that they have now installed an electric bike sharing station outside the R2 hotel. Goes by the name 'Lovesharing'.
Sounds like bikes for swingers!  Wink

They have the names Nextbike and Lovesharing on the station. Both websites suggest you request information or download the app. No prices given. But it does say bring it back to this station, so not sure how far you could go or if any other stations are planned for Fuerteventura.

4 bikes on the charging station, and none were rented out. Anyone tried them yet?
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Have seen Lovesharing cars in Caleta. Possibly something like AirBNB for cars if I recall correctly. Would expect something similar for bikes, will have to investigate further in the future Big Grin
I Heart Fuerteventura
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This sounds progressive
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Whilst meeting friends at the Shererton Hotel last night I spoted a Lovesharing electric bike station near the hotle front door.

John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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