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electric scooter unicycle

Electric scooter or electric unicycle
When i visit the island (Corralejo) i usually try and find a second hand bike for my long stay but was thinking of buying an electric scooter instead. Does anyone know if there are any shops in Puerto Rossario that sell them?
I'd love to buy an electric unicycle instead but doubt there would be any for sale!
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The only place I've seen them (but I'm sure there are others) is electron.

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You could always approach some of the bicycle hire shops they might have stock they are willing to sell off.
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Thanks for the info Tom, i'll have a look when i arrive in Dec
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Do bike shops sell scooters?
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Just last week a friend was hit by an electric scooter, she is in her 70's. The person did not stop to help her.

She had bruises over her face. Cut eye brow & bruised ribs. Hospital glued the eyebrow. Suspected she had concussion & had numerous X rays & scans.

2 years ago I had a bike knock me over on the top of the main drag, just after the mini roundabout where the Monday market is in Correlajo. Split head & torn tendons on little finger. Fortunately, a restaurant owner helped me out. The cyclist was an Italian with bald tyres & no brakes or bell.

Personally, I think bikes are OK in town with sensible owners on cycle lanes. Although, the cycle lane & path on the main drag in Correlajo needs a kerb between them, to stop bikes & pedestrians from coming into contact with each other.

Electric scooters are bound to cause accidents in busy places with pedestrians in towns due to their speed & lack of noise. Every scooter rider no doubt believes they will have no accident when they are riding, but bet most of us have seen some near misses.
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"Electric scooters are bound to cause accidents" How do you work that one out!?

I guess you could say that about most forms of transport like cars, motorbikes, trams etc

Bicycles can travel much faster than e scooters are are completely silent! should we be worried about them also causing accidents?

Electric transport is the future!

PS i'm 70 and ride an electric unicycle, and never caused any accidents in 6 yrs of riding!
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Never seen cars, motorbikes, trams on cycle or paths. However, seen loads of Electric scooters on paths.

Time for insurance for electric scooters/bikes with registration plates so they can be identified.

Have you walked down the main drag in Correlajo? Seen tourists who are not used to the fact that the path is designated for pedestrians & the bikes/scooters have their own path. Even if they walk on the pedestrian path they have to cross the cycle path & often don’t look as electric scooters shoot by either hitting them or have close misses.

What has age got to do with it? I am less than a year from 70 myself.

Of course there are some sensible users of electric scooters, but from what I have seen they are in a minority. As a car driver I have been driving over 40 years without an accident, I would love not to have to pay for insurance, tax etc, however I understand that a car is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. I accept that as a car driver I may have an accident in the future, if I do, I rightly have to pay & justify my actions & be able to be identified.
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