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caleta electrician

Electrician in or around Caleta
Just arrived and no power in my house. Have used a meter to check the 230v supply is OK, then removed the load from the breaker but it is still tripping. Maybe a replacement is needed?....please can someone recommend a reliable electrician. Thanks
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Can't help with an electrician over your way, sorry, but have you unplugged every single electrical item (fridge, cooker, water heater etc etc), indoors and out? I had a similar problem once and it turned out to be a lamp. So, everything off, then one thing at a time back on.
Hopefully one of the Caleta members can help you shortly with a local electrician.
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I'm not sure if he's still here, but I used Andy a couple of years ago and he was very efficient,

email -
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Hi all

I did manage to find an electrician in Caleta who fitted a new main breaker, now all sorted. Thanks for the replies. I won't post his details on a public forum but if you have a need please PM me and I will share details.
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