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Emergency plumbing supplies
Does anyone know if Foncal at El Matorral is open during this crisis?  I checked on their web page yesterday and it said open, but this morning says closed today. I thought they generally were open on a Saturday morning. Have tried phoning but no answer today

Looks like I need a new kitchen sink tap which could become an urgent situation.

If not Foncal, any other plumbing supply shops open for any emergency - what say your toilet stopped flushing and need new syphon.  Can't have a non flushing toilet for very long without a hideous pong!
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Not sure whats open, but my Spanish builder may be able to help
Juan - 606307480 - He doesn't speak English, but a google translate text will work.
Life is short.....Be kind to one another  Smile
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Hi Emmi

I remember seeing this from Tamara it was posted on the 23rd March

Did notice that Fenimoy ferreteria in Villaverde was open this morning, and Marcial ferreteria in Corralejo. Bakery on corner of El Campanario open, as was Pharmacy and HiperDino as expected.
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Thanks you Si Tie.  Have also discovered that Foncal in El Mattoral is also open in spite of the crisis..
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