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vía empadron certificate digital

Empadron vía digital certificate
I have read elsewhere that if you have a Digital Certificate you can update your empadron online and print off a copy, and can similarly print off a certificado de viaje. I’ve been scouring the Ayuntamiento de Antigua website through my Digital Certificate, and cannot for the life of me find a route or option to do either. I’m fine with the Spanish, I just can’t find those options! Is it perhaps something available from some ayuntamientos but not from mine, or could anyone point me in the right direction? It’s nothing urgent right now, but knowing I can do it without queuing in person would be really useful next time.
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My guess Antiqua still isn't running on the "New system" 🤔🤦‍♂️
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Doesn't help you in Antigua but it works in La Olivia.
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A bit late to the party.... BUT!

I know that if your Ayo has an "electronic" office, you should be able to message them from within the website.
You can then ask for whatever documents you need, giving as many details as you can (NIE, Address etc)

Then they would most likely call you to confirm your request, then either upload the doc to your "Documents" folder, or email it.

I did this recently with La Oliva to get some other docs and certs, was all handled within 5 hours.

Have a look on this page: https://antigua.sedelectronica.es/?x=TPnmtcroApteIAmBPj91flLsXLR*X3cR6*NmGQwVqsPK*94SPC0OQxf-cYHyydHOZEcL2GpB4C9Xbzn-rgvCK7IRZULnj-lrFChnsXiUvSw1oFvHf9FtmtJYfcPjpI9E21Vm27opTt8qm9SWdtp7egC2TDpB8hj*2CGkGlcAyI36SDNzmqPXg7BY5pw5coc9L2tQtkYvDEpJyntvYIAxGw

There you can send a "General Instance" (Instancia General) as your request.

Hope it helps
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