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It has always been a source of frustration in the UK trying to compare electricity tariffs as the competing companies are not very transparent with their pricing structures.

Here in Fuerte it should be much easier with one company and whilst I have managed to compare the useage with no problem (we are on the “Happy” tariff with two free hours per day and there is very little difference in cost compared to the “One” tariff)

My problem is with the potencia -we inherited a rating of 5.75kw on purchasing but having completed the online “test” that would suggest 3.4 to 4.0 is adequate. However I cannot find the potencia tarrifs anywhere to check whether it is worthwhile amending -only the one off charge levied for the amendment

Can anyone help with the potencia bandings or simply if you are on 4.0 please let me know the fixed cost per month

Thank you
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according to Endesa Online it looks as if it is the same rate for all potencias up to 10kW
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Hi Tamara
Thanks for your help in trying to research my query but I  am still puzzled. I don’t think it is logical that the fixed cost is the same up to 10kw . If this is the case why would anyone contract for anything other than 9.99kw ?

The fixed charge on my monthly bill ranges from 21 to 24 euros depending on the number of days (76cents per day)
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My understanding is the fix charge is pro-rata to the potencia. I lowered mine and the standing charge reduced by the equivalent. I'm on One Luz (or Luz one?)

You are allowed to lower the potencia online one time per year, I think. I would advise not going too low, too soon, as you might lose power. The smart meter switches off. We have had more than one property, and done it on both (2 steps down on both, over time).

You may have read a thread on the other forum site, where someone is having tripping problems (possibly due to a low potencia setting) and have been told they need an electrician if they want to raise it again. Not sure this is true, but that was my understanding of his problem.

Oh, and you might get a letter from Endesa, warning you about attempting to draw more power than you have contracted. I did, and guessed this is to frighten you not to lower it too much (more). ?
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Thanks for that Archer. Yes that is my understanding that whilst the admin fee is relatively low to reduce, the costs involved in increasing can be hundreds of euros if the red tape kicks in and certificates are required etc

As a matter of interest what potencia are you on and what is the monthly fixed charge

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Geoff. There appears to have been a rate hike part-way through the last bill:

Por potencia contrada 5.75kw - 0.112757 €/kw, then 0.114674 €/kw

So our last 63 day standing charge was €41.07

We have never been charged for reducing the potencia. This was always done online.

Hope that helps you.
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Thanks very much for the update
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Has anyone else had a July Endesa bill yet?

We have just had ours and whilst there is a units consumed figure with dates from - to, which I am happy with as they are comparable to the meter reads I take when at the villa,  there are no meter reading figures on the front page as there have been in the past.

There also appears to have been a price increase during this billing period  Angry Angry

Any ideas?
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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Hi John,
Got our July one last week I think. Do you have the Endesa App ? I find it the easiest way. On Apple so assume on Android as well. Our last bill was for no usage so can’t help with details, it was just basically the regular charge for connection, cheers . . Ron
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Yeah, had my 20 May to 15 Jul bill on the 22July. 

It's Endesa, like CAAF they are a bit hit and miss and very irregular. Have you tried viewing your account online or via the app?
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