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endesa billing times

Endesa billing times
ive been checking my account recently and have noticed that Endesa have been billing me 
approximately every 3 weeks recently.   How often are other people being billed,  is this normal?
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Every two months here, as it has been for years.

Perhaps it's to do with the plan/tariff you're on with them? If you have the app, it's available under "See contract details" at the top under electricity. We have the Tempo Siempre Ganas one.
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Every two months without fail.
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every 2 months here as well
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Usually every 2 months, but every year they take a payment in September, October and November, don’t know why, perhaps just getting a more regular reading helps them. Using their green tariff.
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Ours are every 2 months not had our November bill yet but the App is working and telling me our usage is way down on last year which it should be as we didn't arrive until November this year  instead of end of September last year.
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