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licence spanish exchange uk driving

Exchange from UK to Spanish driving licence
Welcome to the forum Adrian and good luck🍀🤞
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Tom, thanks for sharing your experience.

I am always surprised at the great attitude of people working all over in all the offices here. After living in Germany for 5 years, my heart melts every time I'm met with anything other than a strong frown and look of disgust.

The A4 paper is only valid in Spain, and you do still need to carry some photo ID with you.
I have heard that the Police would accept a color copy of your passport, but might request to see the actual for which they would be patient.

Im waiting on my TIE card to arrive in the next 2 weeks, then I can put my passport in the drawer that everything gets lost in. Wont need it for a long time!
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has anyone been able to exchange their UK licence using the temporary A4  residency  certificate you get from the 
Police station when getting finger prints taken etc or does Trafico insist that you wait on the green card arriving ?
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Hi all,

Just heard announcement that Spanish government have now extended the UK driving licence exchange to 31st December 2021 but still only for people who registered their intent to exchange with DGT before 30th December 2020. Unfortunately, this does not help me or possibly thousands of others who did not have the necessary documentation (eg padron certificate, Resolucion, TIE etc) at the time to register successfully. In my case, i did'nt have this documentation due to a delay (cock-up!) in getting my Padron which held up everything else. I telephoned DGT office anyway about 28th December but no-one was available to help who spoke english . My only option now is to sit the Spanish driving test and its not easy to navigate the process. My initial research (on-line and walking into driving schools in Puerto del Rosario) suggests it will probably cost around 350 - 400 euro and take several weeks which could mean i end up without a Spanish driving licence. It is further complicated by the fact that i need to return to UK after i get my TIE card to attend to some property matters. Has anyone here managed to or is currently going through the process that can offer some tips and advice?
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My stay back in UK was longer than anticipated and now i am back in Fuerteventura with the same problem of getting my Spanish driving licence. I know i cannot simply exchange now but need to take theory/practical tests but local driving schools in Puerto del Rosario are not geared up for non-spanish Third Country Nationals to go through the process. I have been to P del R DGT office and eventually spoke with an english-speaking official who said i should make an appointment and then come back with all my documents and a Spanish translator, to presumably be told exactly what to do to get my licence. Has anyone here successfully negotiated the process to get their licence through DGT or by enrolling in a local driving school for the lessons/test route? I am trying to stay positive but this scenario is proving to be a nightmare.
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I am sure you are not all totally bored with my spanish driving licence saga here is some more Wink

I have been to the DGT office in Puerto Del Rosario 4 times so far this year and have now, successfully, registered my details and paid (92 euros) for the theory/practical test at the fourth attempt. The third attempt was hilarious, as the counter official looked at my completed spanish driving licence application form and said i needed to go next door to get my driving medical certificate. 40 mins and 45 euros later, i returned only to be told by the same guy that he couldnt "exchange" my licence and he now couldnt do anything to help. That was the same day of the announcement of the extension to 31st December 2021 for processing UK licence exchanges, so i think everyone in office were a bit confused. Anyway, undeterred, i made yet another appointment a few weeks later and this time managed to get a younger official who understood some english and knew exactly what i was trying to do (i naively assumed the completed application form was a big clue Rolleyes ) . Hurrah! Theory test on 2nd December 2021 with not nearly enough time left (less than 4 weeks) to arrange my practical test before 31st December 2021 deadline but hey-ho unfortunately, there is nothing else i can do.
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I've just stumbled across this page, I'd assumed the rules would be the same for all EU countries but it seems there are only a couple that you can't just exchange your licence without the need for a test. Obviously Spain is one  Huh Sad
Working on it, one step closer  Cool
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