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Free tv on satellite update
The free satellite tv is on a slight downward ebb at the moment on the Nilesat dish with MBC 3 and 4 showing less English content and even with the addition of the newer MBC 5 only shows the odd English film but as we know here new channels can appear at will, though the 24hr MBC 2, MAX, Action, Mix and Top Movies are as good as ever, not forgetting other less used like KTV 2, Dubai racing and others.

 Dubai one also seems to be HD only now but a new One tv by the same company has appeared on another satellite so hopefully may show up in the future here

The good news is that Astra 28.2 or Freesky as it it's often called has had a boost with a discovery channel, Sky Arts, Together, Smithsonian, Showcase, Forces tv, red quest, not forgetting the usual pick, challenge, and the many music and lastly the news channels which are available on both satellites though sky news is only on astra while BBC news only on nilesat, though as always there is the other option to have both dishes with all the above on one system, or another dish added to the system you might already have but all are free

I know some friends have more expensive systems, dogey boxes, cards, bigger dishes or cams for more channels on other sats but for free the above are fine for myself at home, though I do also have the local Spanish terrestrial which has four or five english speaking channels and also show most films in their original language
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A quick update on the Nilesat channels, if you rescan look out for Orpit Movies, Scare tv as well. With MBC Max, 2 and Mix and Top Movies that makes 6 free movie channels not counting a couple of other channels which show the odd movies as well
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