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caleta fuertewifi

FuerteWiFi down in Caleta?
Hanging out the window to get mobile signal on my phone to post this!  Big Grin

Anyone else having trouble with Fuerte WiFi in Caleta in the last 24h? We lost internet for about an hour Tuesday afternoon and now again since about midnight. WiFi works, but no internet.

Is it just us?
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No Fine here on Fuerteventura Golf and no problem watching the poor performance of MCFC on TV last night and I did a speed test about 11pm and just now 7.20am both above 28MB download and 10MB upload
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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I think it came back this morning around seven! An email came in and woke me very early...  Rolleyes

Downloaded a few episodes on Netflix to my phone for it it happens again tonight. I'm absolutely lost and hopeless without the internet, so I'm hoping it won't go out again for a while!

Thanks for the intel, though.
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