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2021 football 2022 results fuerteventura fixtures

Fuerteventura Football - Fixtures and Results 2021/2022
The fixtures are out for the 2021/22 season in the Spanish 3rd Division (Group 12 – Canary Islands). There are 17 teams in the Division.
There are 3 teams from Fuerteventura (Union Puerto, Gran Tarajal and Herbania), 2 teams from Lanzarote (Lanzarote and Union sur Yaiza), 4 teams from Gran Canaria (Union Viera, Arucas,Las Palmas C and Villa Santa Brigida), 2 teams from La Palma (Atletico Paso and Tenisca) and 6 teams from Tenerife (Marino, Las Zocas, Santa Ursula, Tenerife B, Buzanada and Vera).
The home fixtures for the Fuerteventura teams are:
Sep 5
Herbania v Tenerife B
Sep 12
Gran Tarajal v Tenisca
Sep 19
Union Puerto v Las Palmas C
Sep 26
Gran Tarajal v Union Puerto
Herbania v Union Viera
Oct 3
Union Puerto v Santa Brigida
Oct 10
Herbania v Las Zocas
Oct 12
Union Puerto v Marino
Gran Tarajal v Santa Brigida
Oct 17
Herbania v Buzanada
Oct 24
Gran Tarajal v Marino
Union Puerto v Tenerife B
Oct 31
Herbania v Lanzarote
Nov 7
Gran Tarajal v Tenerife B
Union Puerto v Herbania
Nov 14
Herbania v Las Palmas C
Nov 21
Union Puerto v Arucas
Gran Tarajal v Herbania
Nov 28
Herbania v Santa Brigida
Dec 5
Gran Tarajal v Arucas
Union Puerto v Vera
Dec 12
Herbania v Marino
Dec 19
Gran Tarajal v Vera
Union Puerto v Tenisca
9 Jan
Gran Tarajal v Buzanada
Union Puerto v Lanzarote
16 Jan
Herbania v Yaiza
23 Jan
Gran Tarajal v Lanzarote
30 Jan
Union Puerto v Gran Tarajal
6 Feb
Gran Tarajal v Las Palmas C
Herbania v Arucas
13 Feb
Union Puerto v Santa Ursula
20 Feb
Herbania v Vera
27 Feb
Union Puerto v Atletico Paso
Gran Tarajal v Santa Ursula
6 Mar
Herbania v Tenisca
13 Mar
Gran Tarajal v Atletico Paso
Union Puerto v Yaiza
20 Mar
Herbania v Union Puertp
27 Mar
Gran Tarajal v Yaiza
Union Puerto v Union Viera
3 Apr
Herbania v Gran Tarajal
10 Apr
Gran Tarajal v Union Viera
Union Puerto v Las Zocas
17 Apr
Herbania v Santa Ursula
24 Apr
Union Puerto v Buzanada
Gran Tarajal v Las Zocas
1 May
Herbania v Atletico Paso
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Today's results:

CD Herbania  3  Tenerife B   0
Lanzarote  1   Union Puerto   1
Buzanada  2  Gran Tarajal  1
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This weekend's results:
Yaiza(Lanzarote)  0   Herbania  2
Gran Tarajal  2   Tenisca(La Palma)  0
Union Puerto had no game this week.

The fixtures still aren't out for the Prefente League which will feature CD Cotillo and Las Playitas.
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