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Fusion 22 - Indian Restaurant - Caleta
Fusion 22. Next to Villa Florida.

EDIT: Moved from Aberdeen Steak House in Caleta de Fuste.
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(11-01-2019, 09:43 PM)Spitfire58 Wrote: We have been there a few times over the years & taken visitors in there. Can’t say I have ever had any complaints about it but then there are so many choices in Caleta it tends to be quite a while until you go back to a place again. The only ones I would not be keen to go back to are the Indian on the corner opposite the Aberdeen. Very slow & not particularly nice or friendly service & the newish tapas place down the end of the street from the Aberdeen, overpriced & nothing to merit it IMO. We like the  “Winnit “ for breakfast or early lunch the woman there is very friendly

Ive had good and bad at fushion 22 over the years.  Not a resident so lucky if I go to fuerte once
or twice a year.  I remember going to fushion 22 a few years ago and the meal was good approx 1 year later went
again and the waiter came up and remembered exactly what I had ordered a year before.  I know it was what i ordered
because with Indian food I tend to order the same things.  He even remembered what drink I had, very odd
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I like Fusion22 however service can be a bit hit and miss, last time I went there they were queuing out the door so I passed on it. To me the best Indian in Caleta is Aromas
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