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fuerte fishing future

Future of fishing in Fuerte
Hi, I recently read about the absence of Aram and his shop Gone Fishing in the chat box.

Last time I spoke to him was on the day of the calima 22nd Feb, he was extremely concerned about the future of fishing on the Island. Basically, he explained that each EU country has agreed to designate a certain amount of square mileage to the 'Project Life' marine reserves. It seems that Spain has chosen Lanzarote and Fuerteventura to absorb the majority of their agreed allocation.
The angling community on Lanzarote seem to be very aware of the impact of this.
If he has moved on I am sure he will be sorely missed by a lot of anglers as he has always been very informative and a nice chap. 
For anyone interested he gave me the link below.

Although it is in Spanish he was convinced that it would make his business untenable.
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