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homeware getting rid

Getting rid of homeware
Hi all, 

Have recently purchased a property fully furnished. There are a fair few things that aren’t my taste ( mainly decorative, pics etc and a chair) which I would like to replace. Do people sell these types of things or are there any charities that I can donate them too? They are too good to throw away. 

Many thanks 😊
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contact Twinkle Trust - they can sell items at the market for their charity.
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There is a charity store in PdR that take among other things furniture, I used it a few years back, sorry I can’t remember the name or the street they are on. I can see it in my minds eye but I can’t see anything that would help identify the street.  Sad
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If you cannot find any charity you may want to try with this shop in Calle Leon y Castillo, 97 in PDS. I sold and also donated some furniture and bits and bobs to them. The owner is called Angela. The tel No is 986 42 46 56. When I dealt with them I did it in person at the shop because my Spanish wasn't (and still isn't) that good. But she's got Whatsapp.

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