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good engine oil quality

Good quality engine oil
Does anyone know where I can buy good guality fully synthetic engine oil.  I have seen it for sale at petrol stations but was wondering if there are any recommendations for a car accessory shop?  The reason being is that I would expect to pay a premium for oil from a petrol station in the UK.
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I am assuming you are looking for a car accessory shop? the only two I know of are one in the car park of Los Rotundas in PR, which I cannot remember what I bought, but do remember thinking, that it was expensive, the other is just before you gt to Ideal in PR, I know they sell oil, but as for quality and price, I am afraid I cannot help.
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Thank you will try them both later this week.
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After calling into Saavedra on the way to Ideal we drove through the side streets and came across Adrian Gil Garcia on Calle Jacinta Benavente 30..which is a shop that specialises in oil.  We checked the price of  Castrol Edge Synthetic oil then went to the accessory shop near Ideal who also stocked it.  Was cheaper by €8 at the Adrian Gil Garcia. Needless to say we went back ...but thanks again for your recommendation.
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(25-09-2020, 05:59 PM)Nemo4 Wrote: ...Adrian Gil Garcia on Calle Jacinta Benavente 30...


The shop is open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Phone: +34 928 63 61 03
WhatsApp: +34 680 911 967
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