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growing fuerteventura mangoes

Growing Mangoes on Fuerteventura
I buy mangoes from Fran and Chemi from time to time when the price is reasonable, less than 3€ a kilo, one to eat fresh and the rest for making chutney. I refuse to pay the 5/6/7€ that Mercadona charge. When i was in our local bar a week ago a Majorero came in offering his home grown mangoes for 2€ a kilo, well I couldn't resist! And they were the best mangoes I'd ever tasted, maybe because they hadn't been chilled? So a few batches of chutney later I was left with a pile of stones/seeds and thought I'd give it a try at growing them myself as this was obviously a variety that liked growing here. I had no idea how to start but a few YouTubes later I was ready to go. However the videos also warned that the variety probably wouldn't come true, for that I would need grafted rootstock. I was hooked on the idea though so decided to still give it a try - I have room in my garden for a couple of the trees that these would hopefully become.

If anyone else fancies giving it a try I would recommend having  a look at YouTube for the prep and methods.

[Image: Sv6jnWw.jpg] [Image: pIUS2v9.jpg] [Image: h6uDuLQ.jpg]

I started them off on 13th August and 5 days later I have a root on the first one!

[Image: z4QFB4u.jpg]

All the rest have indications that a root is about to emerge:

[Image: cC9Wmp3.jpg]

A good start, just another 6 or 8 years until I might get my own fruit  Rolleyes
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Great stuff Tamara, I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours. If anyone can do it you can 👍🏼
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The one in the lead is going great guns and it looks as if the shoot is about to break out  Thumbs Up

Little root on most of them now.

[Image: f5aTzxn.jpg]  [Image: yBtrtDX.jpg]
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I love mango chutney with chilli in it.
Do you know if a lemon tree/bush will grow in Fuerteventura? 
Mrs G would like to grow a small lemon tree if it's possible when we get out there next.
Working on it, one step closer  Cool
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My mango chutney blows your head off🤣
Lemons, most citrus, grow well here given the right conditions. Buy the trees at Happy Plants or Oasis garden centre or the Cabildo place at Pozo Negro if you can find it open!
I've got planting holes excavated ready for planting oranges and limes (not keen on 🍋) but I'm waiting for the heat to ease off a bit before planting. Most important is good drainage.
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We grow lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit. And we're in a really windy spot.

Down in the valley they grow like weeds and twice as fast!!

Good luck with the mangoes, Tamara.

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Hooray! The shoot popped out and unfolded today on mango no.1:

[Image: ttTZR4v.jpg]

Typing 'mango number 1' put the song 'Mamba number 5' into my head and now I can't shift it  Wink
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[Image: qQE6QZl.jpg]

Mango number 1 growing well. I'm going to plant it in a deep but narrow pot shortly so the tap root can continue developing. Hopefully I'll be able to get it in the ground in a couple of months time.
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...growing well and really fast. Thanks for the update.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Tamara at the rate that tap root is developing when you plant it out in the garden in a couple of months you will one hell of a deep hole to dig🤗🤗
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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