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growing orchids fuerteventura

Growing Orchids on Fuerteventura
Hi, are any other forumers growing orchids out here? Either indoor or outside. I have 6 Phals and a Vanda at present, all indoors, and have faced a few challenges! It would be good to discuss their culture in this environment with another chid enthusiast.
Thanks in hope.

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If anyone else is growing a Vanda orchid in a glass vase and has an accident  Cry you'll be pleased to know you can get replacements in FuerChina in Corralejo, so probably in other Chinese shops as well. 15cm diameter and 65cm tall cost me 24€ the other day - not too bad I thought. Until I went in Nortysur in Puerto on Saturday and saw them at half that price! Bought a 'spare' but now have to find somewhere to store it safely.

The big garden centre at the bottom of the hill on the ring road at Puerto has some mini Phal (NOID) orchids in at the moment, cute little things at around 8€. Be warned though, as with most orchids bought in garden centres or supermarkets, they need repotting ASAP as the roots are being suffocated with tightly packed sphagnum moss. Repot into specialist bark for best results, never in anything resembling soil. In the wild most orchids attach their roots to tree trunks/bark and grow mainly horizontally or vertically but upside down - they need plenty of moisture on their roots but for the roots to dry out in between times as well, (like rain showers in the wild.) and water shouldn't be allowed to collect in the junctions between leaves and stem. When roots are a silvery white they need water, when they are green they are hydrated, best to grow in a clear pot with lots of holes so you can easily monitor this. The clear pot can stand inside a more decorative pot but leave plenty of air space between the 2 pots. When it needs watering just add water to the decorative pot, soak the orchid roots for about 30 mins and then remove the inner pot and let it drain well before replacing in the emptied decorative pot.

[Image: CmBXjdv.jpg]
Living my dream
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Have to confess to popping in to Lidl on Thursday and buying 2 mini Phals as I'd heard they were a 'special' last week. For 'supermarket' orchids they weren't in too bad condition, but they were in little glasses with no drainage - death by drowning in 2 weeks for the unwary! Better to ease out of the glass and just stand in a normal little plastic flower pot with holes in and stand that in something aesthetic. (No soil! If you need to anchor it in the pot use some well washed lava rock or Leca if you have it.) If anyone else has been tempted by orchids but doesn't want the plant after the initial blooms have finished give me a shout and I'll rehome it. (Please take note of the watering suggestion in my previous post, don't drown the roots by letting them sit in water, they are totally different to most house plants. And definitely don't add ice cubes - that is a marketing gimmick some companies use - orchids are mainly tropical, how much ice are they likely to encounter naturally?)

Was tempted, very very tempted, by a Vanda orchid in Oasis Garden Centre, but I really couldn't justify 74€  Cry  Felt proud of myself for walking away  Angel
Living my dream
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74€ for a small-ish plant? 😳 Does it help with house work or takes the dogs for a walk or am I missing something?
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