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palms growing fuerteventura

Growing Palms on Fuerteventura
I know Palm trees are everywhere here and provided they have some water, seem to do very well. I'm not really interested in the bog standard ones, they are 10 a penny and given away by the Cabildo most years. I don't even really want any palm trees in my garden but I can't resist a 'grow challenge'. 

When I was in El Matorral a few weeks ago (9th Nov) I walked my dog along the grass area opposite Mercadona/Lidl etc and came across some seed under one of the Bismarckia Nobilis:

[Image: V6gt0mC.jpg] [Image: h0yDeHy.jpg] [Image: 1Hk8RCR.jpg]

[Image: dAzgRzC.jpg] the seed I collected from under the tree.

Planted them up following online guidance (keep hot and high humidity) and left them to take their chances. Today I spotted what looks like the first one sprouting:

[Image: sqSU25t.jpg]

Might have some palms for sale in 5 or 10 years ..... 🤣

Are you growing some of the more interesting palms from seed?  Edible date palm for instance?
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I would love to grow some palms, and might need to investigate what exactly they need.
Luckily I still have a while before we actually buy some land here, so having babies in pots is perfect!
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Getting closer to seeing if it's a palm or weed!

[Image: edyB0pw.jpg]
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Not what I was hoping for  Thumbs Down

This looks more like a seedling of Caesalpinia, (seedlings 10 a penny in my garden) which is a lovely plant in itself but not the palm I was hoping for. Back to waiting and watching ......

[Image: ht6qvWX.jpg]
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