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driveway surface hard standing

Hard surface driveway
Anyone any experience of having a new driveway installed and can recommend a business . I am interested in something hard like Asphelt or concrete.
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We had our very wide driveway done 2 or 3 years ago. It was organised by my builder so I can't remember the name of the company that did it but can find out if needed. We first enquired about asphalt but couldn't find anyone to do that. So we went for black concrete imprinted with a pattern to kind of make it look like crazy paving. I thought the concrete would be coloured in the mixer lorry but it came bog standard colour. I can't remember the exact timescales but over the course of a couple of days it got imprinted with a large shaped cutter thingamy and then powdered dye was sprinkled over the top (on a windy day  Cry) - it went all over adjacent plants but hosed off the plants ok after a few days of the concrete drying. After about a week the guys came back and cut expansion joints in the concrete.

We're quite happy with it but the dust and plant debris does collect in the imprinted shapes - it looks good when I give it a jet wash!

Warning - it was not cheap! And we had to wait a few weeks for the dye to come to the island before they could do the job.

Hope this helps. If no one else can name the company give us a shout and I'll enquire of my builder.

edit: let me know if you'd like some pics uploaded.

2nd edit: gardening pic uploaded, gives general idea!
[Image: VzFdlRO.jpg]
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We Thanks for this.  Any contact details you can give me for the company that did the work for you would be greatly appreciated l
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OK, I'll contact my builder and ask him.
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