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attention hassle much

Hassle/to much attention
We are a couple in our early 40s and have visited We maspalomas and the famous dunes a few times. We have had some attention in the dunes before with men walking past and standing in some case's only a few meters away and staring at my wife. Some men move on quickly when you tell them we are not interested but we have had a few that have out stayed their welcome. 
We are happy to say hi but when men try and ask or hint for something sexual that can ruin a peaceful day on the beach quickly. 
After researching the area and chatting with other people we got the impression that this happens alot in that area.

We have heard that fuerteventura is much quieter than gran canaria but are the places we should avoid if this sort of thing happens?
We will probably be spending most of our time in the areas between Morro Jable and Costa Calma. I know that's a large area but we enjoy a walk and try to find a different spot each day.
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In my experience you're highly unlikely to have anything like that in Morro Jable. Or it's beaches. At worst a textile will giggle or something similar.

Partly because outside of the few sheltered spots the beach is wide open and that sort of behavior would be seen for quite a distance.  In the areas with lifeguards obviously they would scare off those people.
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im a single traveller and go to sotovente nr costa calma most years, never had a problem, occasonal walk past say hello but nothing untoward at all, some great spots along that long long very  quiet beach space for everyone.
think i said im there from 10th to 19th sept.
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Thanks for info would of been nice to say hi but unfortunately we don't arrive until 21st.
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