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fuerte tourists started again visit british have

Have British tourists started to visit Fuerte again?
Does anyone know if British tourists have started to visit Fuerte yet, silly question no flights until after 4th July I guess? 
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(02-07-2020, 10:11 AM)MLA Wrote: Does anyone know if British tourists have started to visit Fuerte yet, silly question no flights until after 4th July I guess? 

There have been a few flights in Martin EG Saturday Stansted and Manchester, reportedly less than 100 passengers between them, Sunday to Wednesday a couple more and today so far Stanstead and Dublin, but, at least in Caleta it is as quiet as the grave.
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Not exactly UK, but 63 people off the Dublin flight today! I counted.  Big Grin
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First flight took off from Edinburgh today bang on time!
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Hi all (regular tourist here)

At time of writing there are 17 seats remaining (out of 195 I think) on the Ryanair flight from Manchester to Fuerteventura on the 7th next Tuesday. Of course that does not mean there will actually be 178 people on it, they could be overselling/underselling, some people may have tickets but not end up travelling, some people (like myself) may have purchased a ticket but end up moving it to later on in the summer if they decide not travel.

Would be interested to hear any more observations on Caleta, since that is where I would be staying. I have been keeping my eye on this forum and others regarding what is and not open (thanks all for those posts it has been very helpful)
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Hi everyone,
Just wondering what the visitor figures from the U.K. are looking like. Are there many flights arriving and are there many holiday makers on them? Start of the new school term is when we normally start looking forward to our Christmas holiday in Corralejo, which has been booked and paid for long before all this awfulness started, but we feel we really can't let ourselves look forward at the moment as it might not happen. Are all the hotels, bars and cafes in the main open? I know everything could change tomorrow but an update on the the current suituation might give us a glimmer of hope it's all going to come to fruition.
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I flew back to Fuerteventura with Ryanair from Stansted on Sunday, and there were about 50 on the flight. I suppose many people had previously booked but chose not to travel due to the current situation and the UK's quarantine rule.

There are very few tourists in Caleta de Fuste. I had a walk around this morning, and found that most places were open but with very few customers. I think the Summer season has been supported by tourists from mainland Spain and the other Canary Islands. Once they go back home and schools reopen it will go very quiet.
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