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hiding hedgehog

Hedgehog Hiding
last evening there was a large hedgehog on the gravel of the golf course behind our villa that used the base of a palm tree as camouflage, hope you can spot it in the photo taken from quite a distance.

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Good photo John. I know a lady that lives on one of the complexes on the mountain, and she tells me there are literally dozens of them there.
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Great photo. That’s a big one. Maybe pregnant. It’s so sad to see so many of them run over on the roads.
I guess it’s mainly the babies who haven’t yet learned the green cross Code!
It’s wonderful to see any signs of nature on this inhospitable island. I’ve just had a run in with our German neighbour who has had a 40ft palm tree cut down in her garden. I told her there were Sparrows nesting but she gave not a hoot. I even phoned the local Police as I thought it might be illegal to cut down a beautiful old healthy palm. To my surprise they actually turned up 10 minutes later but alas told me it wasn’t a native palm so wasn’t protected. It gets my back up that some people are so ignorant of wildlife. I hope the old witch gets eaten alive by cockroaches.
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It's obviously 'that time'! Found a very tiny baby outside my friends garden at teatime today. Taken into protective custody until after dark as too many dogs being walked whilst still light!

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