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henry bags where hoover

Henry hoover bags, where to buy??
Hi,  does anyone know where I can buy the henry/hettie hoover bags in the north of the island please?  Thanks
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Sorry Warriors, never saw Henry bags in any of the shops on the island, would personally go the online route - Amazon, eBay, etc. 🤔
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I searched for them here a few years ago with no luck. Went the Amazon route in the end.
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I have been a Henry user for many years and about 5 years ago I went "Commando".
With the henry range, so long as you have the middle cloth net thingy, you can get away with not using any bags at all.
I had 2 cats (one who sheds like crazy) and after 5 years my machine still works perfectly.
You do have to "Clean" the filter thing every so often, lust removes the hair, use a soft-bristled brush and scrub it when dry.
In most commercial usage cases, they never use bags and just empty the henry and replace the filter every so often.

Filter Thingy:
[Image: 81ntJqTNHTL._SX425_.jpg]
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