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home system water filter

Home water filter system
I noticed on the other forum that this subject has come up again and I thought it would be a useful topic here. 

I have a system that I brought with me from the UK where we used it because our water was so chalky it was like milk!

It is a PurePro RS4000 alkaline water filter. (Not Reverse Osmosis (RO)). Doesn't seem much point in home RO as our mains water has already been through that process.

Current cost online is £183. Set of replacement cartridge £53.

The info says to change cartridges every 1500 gallons (probably every 3-4 months in the guidelines). We change ours once a year as we reckon we only use about 5L a day.

No remembering to buy large bottles.
No storing multiple large bottles.
Less plastic use.
No lugging large bottles around, especially if you don't have a car!
Fresh water at your kitchen sink - on tap!
Very quick and easy to change filters.
Unit is very neat, fits easily under the sink taking up little room.
Use for 'cooking water' as well if wanted.
It's perfect for watering orchids (they are very fussy about their water!).  Big Grin 
I now have mine through a 3 way tap at the sink so no extra hole in the worktop or drainer.
BIG Money saving - see below.

If the mains is off and your reserve tank runs dry, you're stuffed. Still need to keep a 5L in storage, just in case.
Remember to buy replacement cartridges - we buy 3 or 4 lots at a time to save on postage and always buy when we still have 1 set in reserve.
Ummm ……. can't think of any more.

Some maths - correct me if I'm working it out wrong  Wink 

1500 gallons equals approx. 6800 litres. (Manufacturer's recommendation for changing filters.)
6800 litres equals 1360 5L bottles.
We use about 5L a day, so that's the 360 bottles leaving a 1000 spare! and the reason we only change our filters once a year instead of every 3-4 months.

If we used bottled water it would cost us about 365€ a year.

The initial kit is £183 which includes a set of filters; you're already quids in even if you need to employ a plumber to fit it for you. 

Ongoing it costs us £53 a year. For use by a family you would probably need to change twice a year, £106. Still big savings and NO hassle.

We have been using it here for 7+ years. If we had bought it new when we moved here:

£183 + (£53 x 7) = 183 + 371 = £554

In that time we would have spent 2555€ on bottled water. (I've done everything at today's prices for simplicity.) A saving of 2000 £ or € over 7 years.

Hope this helps someone - can't understand anyone who lives here permanently who doesn't fit one of these.
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Compact under-sink Home reverse osmosis systems costing about 100 Euros provide good odourless and tasteless  drinking water via a third tap.  We've had one for years with no ill affects and no lugging heavy water bottles.  They do require reasonable water pressure to function properly.  I was unaware the Fuerte mains water has been through this process already as it tastes awful from the tap?
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Pure-Pro RS4000 Undersink Inline Alkaline Purifier - £125

Just saw this:

and this:
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Thanks for the links MLA. That's a great price - less than we paid about 10 years ago!
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My concern with RO systems is the wastage rate in its production which is typically 4:1.  It depends on the system.
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(26-08-2019, 08:17 AM)Perrypower1 Wrote: My concern with RO systems is the wastage rate in its production which is typically 4:1.  It depends on the system.

Thanks for the reminder Perrypower, another reason we went for an alkaline filter system rather than RO  Thumbs Up
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Hi All

Back in the summer, I posted on the 'old' forum, enquiring about water filter systems.  Bookman kindly messaged me about the system he uses, from Foncal (or, as I find myself referring to them, Phone call...).  Tamara en la Playa subsequently posted on here about her experience with a system from the UK.

I always prefer to buy local where possible, so followed Bookman's lead, and got one from Phone call, err Foncal.  If it's of relevance to anyone, this is my experience of having it installed and in use for about 3 days.  The plumber took about 1.5 hours to install it.  This included replacing the sink tap with a new 3-way tap from - I wanted minimal clutter around the sink, so chose not to use the spindly tap supplied with the kit.  The system comes with a freestanding tank, and the double unit below my sink accommodated tank and filters (and all the other junk) with no problem.  Plumbing costs unknown (he's a friend, so wouldn't charge me, but we're still arguing about it).

Once it was running, I braved a back-to-back taste test with the standard tap water (which was awful as ever!).  The filtered water is significantly better.  I am now free from lugging 8 litre bottles the 100 yards or so from the supermarket, then up 3 flights to my apartment.  The filtered water has completely replaced the bottled stuff for all purposes.  That makes it well worth the €123 it cost (plus another €53 for the tap).  Any long-term savings will be a bonus.

Looking ahead - a bad habit in these uncertain times - Foncal have replacement filters at reasonable cost.  I plan to change them annually; a single person household shouldn't need to change them more often, IMHO.  Oh, and I have a spare unused water filter tap and used sink tap, should anyone have a use for them.

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I woud be interested in one of these in line filters.  Where are they obtainable and how much do they cost.  Does it need to be fitted by a plumber?  TIA

Moved from another thread. Sam.
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Moved from another thread. Sam.
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Hi Emmi - bought mine from Foncal, but Ideal, and most larger ferretarias have them.  Cost me around €125 or so (as I recall) and a local plumber charged me €50 to fit it.  I gather large ferretarias are open, but whether or not you'll get a plumber round for a non-emergency is debateable...

Moved from another thread. Sam.
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