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pared homeless online animals

Homeless animals online - La Pared
The City Council has joined the Canarian Network of Homeless Animals, of Leales.org
For more than a month, the largest municipal kennel on the island of Fuerteventura, in La Pared, municipality of Pájara, has joined the Canarian Network of Homeless Animals, of Leales.org, whose animals are disseminated both in the profile of the platform, as automatically in the official website of the City Council of Pájara and in the profile of Facebook and Twitter, called "Perrera La Pared Ayuntamiento Pájara", facilitating the access of animals to the citizens who use these social networks.

Thus, the animals that the citizens of the municipality can not maintain are shown, giving the opportunity of adoption to another citizen through the advice of protectors. It also works as a useful tool for those who have lost the animal, to publish it or consult if it has been located through these pages.

The kennel houses the homeless animals collected in the municipalities of Pájara, Antigua, Tuineje as well as Betancuria, thus forming the South Central Commonwealth.

On the other hand, the publications can be translated into more than 30 languages, also responding to the tourist profile of the inhabitants of the municipality.
The Town Hall of Pájara, added to the Canarian Network of Homeless Animals, aims to raise awareness among citizens, entities and institutions about the importance of giving alternatives to animal abandonment; spreading its adoption and avoiding the sale of these animals.

With this, the Municipality of Pájara urges its citizens not to give animals as if they were toys and to bet on responsible adoptions, to avoid their abandonment and to take care of them responsibly.

From the Department of Public Health of the Town Hall of Pájara, directed by Ángeles Acosta, "we are very happy with our adhesion to the Canarian Network of Homeless Animals, whose objective is that the animals are as little as possible in the municipal kennel and can be find a new home for them as soon as possible, "says the councilor. In addition, continues Acosta: "from the first moment that I raised the initiative, I started working on this project because I understood that it was an ethical alternative, free and accessible on the web to the animal abandonment, guaranteeing their welfare and a boost to adoption and responsible conscience. "

To communicate with the La Pared kennel, you can do it from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. by calling 928549102 or 669767064.
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