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transplant donor organ hospital

Hospital - organ donor/transplant
Radio Sintonia:

The General Hospital of Fuerteventura performed for the first time an extraction of thoracic organs.

Thanks to the solidarity of the relatives, several patients were able to improve their quality of life after the organ and tissue transplants that could be carried out with this donation.

The General Hospital of Fuerteventura, attached to the Ministry of Health, carried out its second organ extraction, being, in turn, the first extraction of thoracic organs, obtaining excellent results. This process could be carried out thanks to the relatives of a patient who decided to donate the organs of their deceased loved one. Faced with the offer of the family, the hospital center launched all the processes and mechanisms necessary to be able to carry it out in Fuerteventura.


The General Hospital complies with the procedures legally required for accreditation as an organ extraction center for transplantation. Therefore, with the consent of the donor's family, the process was carried out under the direction of the accredited team of the Insular Maternal-Child University Hospital Complex of Gran Canaria.

The extraction process involved two urologists and the Operating Room Nursing team of the General Hospital of Fuerteventura, as well as a Cardiac Surgery team from the University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín. At the head of the coordination were the intensivist doctor in ICU and medical coordinator of transplants Víctor José Suárez and the nurse coordinator of transplant and supervisor Lourdes De Dios, both of the General Hospital of Fuerteventura.

Thanks to this donation, other people benefited from a heart and kidney transplant, whose surgical techniques were performed at the Dr. Negrín and Insular university hospitals in Gran Canaria.

In addition, the 1-1-2 and Binter actively collaborated throughout the process, both in the transfer of the professionals and the organs obtained.

The Canary Islands Health Service thanks the donor's family for their solidarity, and congratulates all the staff of the hospitals involved for their professionalism and collaboration throughout the process.

Likewise, it is necessary to highlight the organizational capacity of the professionals to successfully conclude a process of this complexity and characteristics, which requires so many agents involved and that could not have been completed without the collaboration of professionals from other equally important entities and companies, such as the SUC, the airline Binter, AENA, Civil Guard and other essential groups in this activity.
We must remember the importance that the gesture of donating has for patients who are waiting for the realization of a transplant that saves or improves the quality of their lives.
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