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Ideal Bricolaje Store in Rosario
Hi, just wondering if anyone can advise on delivery time and cost to deliver to Caleta for large items from idea bricolaje , saw a patio set ,sofa and table but guessing these are not stock items.
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I'm sure they'll have them in stock as they've got a big storeroom.

I can't remember how much delivery is. They used to have a sign up near the cash points, but I'm not sure if it's still there since they moved things around.
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Whenever we have had anything delivered, it has been free.

Delivery time seems to depend on when they next have a van in your area.  Sometimes it's the next day and other times it's 5 days.
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I've always had free delivery within a few days from Ideal.
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Thanks all, sounds like it’s best to order stuff when I first arrive to get it delivered within a 2 weeks  stay.
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Two weeks is plenty of time, they usually deliver in less than a week. Just ask (English is fine) before you pay when they can deliver and if they have the set in stock.

First or second day of your stay is the best way, that's how we buy large items in Fuerteventura too.
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They will also take large items away free of charge if you are buying replacements, probably more relevant if you are using the Electron store for washing machine/fridge etc, but useful to know. You need to ask for the service when you arrange delivery of the new item.

They will require a phone number so they can contact you shortly before the delivery is due. If your property is difficult to find think of an easy landmark (practice your Spanish!) and when they phone arrange to meet them there and show them to your place. If you're on a complex be prepared to go outside and wave like a lunatic to get their attention  Big Grin

We've always had great service from them & Electron & Nortysur.
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