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harbour berthing cotillo facilities improved

Improved berthing facilities at El Cotillo harbour

The Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing awarded for 160,000 euros works to install the new swamps of the port of El Cotillo.

The new facility will provide the dock with 50 berths that will replace the current anchorages with fishing chains based on this town of La Oliva.

The Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the public entity Puertos Canarios, has recently awarded the works to equip with swamps to the port of El Cotillo, in the majorero municipality of La Oliva, some works that will have a cost of 160,257 euros and a duration of five months after signing the contract with the winner, the company DIDEIN SL.

Although the contracted works have a duration of four months, the winning company will occupy the first four months in manufacturing the new swamps in its own facilities, so it will not be until the last month when they are transported and installed in the port of El Cotillo The new moorings. The technicians of Canarian Ports calculate that the works could be completely finished between April and May 2020.

The current port of El Cotillo, whose main activity is fishing with small-sized boats, only has moorings and individual moorings in the bottom by means of ropes and chains. With the works now awarded, it is intended to replace these moorings with piloted swamps, which will improve the facilities and optimize the current funding space by expanding it to provide for the possible increase in the demand for moorings.

A project has been chosen with three swamps held by piles fixed to the seabed because it is the one that provides the greatest number of moorings, a total of 50. One of the swamps is designed to house up to 13 vessels six meters in length, and another ten moorings for boats of eight meters in length. The other two pantalanes would house 13 boats of eight meters in length, in one of the cases, and 14 six-meter boats in the other berth.

The winner, DIDEIN SL, will make the pantalanes with wooden or resin pavement on aluminum structures to which polyethylene floats will be attached. Then they will be transported to El Cotillo where the swamps will be fixed to the piles that must first be anchored to the seabed.

From Tamara: not quite sure what 'swamps' are. Google is translating them from 'panatalanes'. I'm guessing pontoons.

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I think you are right Tamara, the word would appear to be misspelled, I think it should be pantalanes= Dock or jetty for small boats that go slightly into the sea.
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