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district oliva improvements

Improvements in La Oliva district
This is mainly 'Roads' but some bits could have gone in 'Building Site'!

original article in RTVAC:

The City Council of La Oliva has agreed the execution of the two projects to avoid opening the street twice and reduce the inconvenience. The institution initiates these days an investment plan to repair roads, streets and sidewalks throughout the municipality worth 4 million euros, with support from the FDCAN

La Oliva, on June 5, 2019. The City Council of La Oliva has begun the execution of two public works projects on Calle Calle Playa Cho León in Corralejo. With an overall investment of 317,390 euros, these works unify two projects in one, the adaptation of this street to the Accessibility Plan, and the design of a new rainwater channeling.

In the visit to the works this morning, the acting mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, indicated that the channeling of rainwater "will solve the problem Corralejo has with the rains for years, preventing the accumulation of water in the area It goes down from the town, and at the same time improving a busy street, making it accessible to all people ".

On the other hand, the Councilor for Works and Services, Oliver González, informed that "the works on this street have been planned so as not to interrupt the traffic in its first phase." The works will be developed in sections to affect as little as possible to businesses. and residents, to whom we also apologize for the inconvenience, it is a project that will allow us to solve an old problem with the rains, and that in the end means an important improvement for Corralejo ".

The ceremony was also attended by the President of the Cabildo and the acting Public Works Councilor, Marcial Morales and Edilia Pérez, reminding the insular leader that "this project is part of the FDCAN, a program that includes more than a hundred actions throughout the island, and that without a doubt is contributing to improve the quality of life of the citizens by means of the improvement of the public spaces and the services that provide the Town hall and the city councils in Fuerteventura ".

From the awarded company and the Municipal Technical Office, which work in a coordinated manner in the development of the works, explained that the channeling of rainwater will extend over 400 meters, with a diameter of 500 mm. that will allow to collect the waters of this street and the adjacent ones with the installation of scuppers.


The FDCAN Fuerteventura 2017-2020 program has the support of the Fuerteventura Cabildo, through its processing and financing an important part when the projects are municipal. In the specific case of the works of the FDCAN this year in the municipality of La Oliva, they are being executed with the budget of the City Council of 2019, so that the return of the FDCAN can be used to continue investing in the future. The FDCAN also has the economic impulse of the Government of the Canary Islands.

4 million euros in works awarded this year

The City Council of La Oliva includes the project to improve Playa Cho Leon Street within a battery of investments awarded this year with the municipal budget of 2019. "There are four million euros to repair sidewalks and resurface more than fifty streets and roads by all the municipality, "said Isaí Blanco.

It is a Reasphalting Plan, which takes place in seven locations, the resurfacing of the roads of Vallebrón-Tindaya and Lajares-Majanicho, the rehabilitation of the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo to make an interpretation center of the Water Route, in La Oliva, and the first phase of the rehabilitation of sidewalks in the Parque Natural Urbanization in its first section along Calle Guirre.

Having increased its budget by 60% in the last two years, in this first section of 2019, six important projects have been awarded starting between last week and next:

Plan of Reasfaltados of the Municipality of La Oliva | Municipal investment | € 1,558,495

The Plan of Reasfaltados of La Oliva will repave a total of 50 streets inside seven locations of La Oliva. It is entirely an investment of the municipality.

• Execution term 3 months

• Awardee: UTE Construcciones Rodríguez Ramírez SA and Technology of Construction and Public Works SA

Street Beach Cho Leon. Rainwater Canalization and Accessibility | FDCAN | € 317,390

The works of adaptation to the Accessibility Plan of Corralejo and the Canalization of Stormwater in the Cho Leon Beach Street will be executed in a single time, to avoid inconveniences and open the street twice.

In addition to making this street more spacious and passable, the works of canalization will avoid the usual floods in the lower part of the city when there are rains. Project included in the FDCAN.

• Execution period: 4 months

• Awardee: OPC Canarias

Conditioning of Sidewalks in Geafond - Calle Guirre | FDCAN | 1,160,730 €

The Conditioning of Sidewalks in Geafond includes the improvement of pavement, sidewalks and adaptation to accessible criteria in the first section of Guirre Street, which gives access to the Parque Natural Urbanization, in Corralejo. Project included in the FDCAN.

• Lead time 9 months

• Awardee: UTE Construcciones Rodríguez Ramírez SA and Technology of Construction and Public Works SA

Reasphalting and road conditioning Lajares - Majanicho | FDCAN | € 529,995

This project is aimed at repaving completely the 6 kilometers of road that connect both locations, given that the current asphalt is very deteriorated. Project included in the FDCAN.

• Lead time: 2 months

• Awardee: Crispal Islas SL

Renovation and conditioning of the Vallebrón road | FDCAN | € 334,577

Complete repaving of the FV-103 road that runs through the town of Vallebrón, in the section of 4.5 kilometers that connects with the highway FV-10 at the height of Tindaya. Project included in the FDCAN.

• Lead time: 2 months

• Awardee: OPC Canarias

Rehabilitation Aljibe Redondo and Aljibe del Veneno. Water Route | FDCAN | € 94,214

Rehabilitation of the architectural complex that make up these two reservoirs, with the aim of enabling an ethnographic museum in the area within the project La Ruta del Agua de La Oliva. Project co-financed with European funds, within the ECO-TUR project.

• Lead time: 2 months

• Lot 1. Building for water filtering. € 70,494

• Lot 2. Masonry and other actions: € 23,720

• Awardee: Crispal Islas SL
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