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area coasta fv2 antigua near etc improvements ikea

Improvements? to FV2 in area near Coasta Antigua/IKEA etc

Improvements to one of the most congested roads in Fuerteventura.

The Cabildo carries out road improvement work in the surroundings of Costa Antigua, Caleta de Fuste and Las Salinas del Carmen

The Cabildo de Fuerteventura, through the Ministry of Roads, is carrying out road surface rehabilitation works in the surroundings of Costa de Antigua, Caleta de Fuste and Las Salinas del Carmen. In this sense, Minister Blas Acosta explains that, with these continuous efforts, "the island corporation reiterates its commitment to the constant improvement of Fuerteventura's roads, contributing to safety and efficiency in transport".

On the FV-2 road, specifically in the section between the roundabout at the entrance to the industrial area of Costa de Antigua to Las Salinas del Carmen, the drainage ditch on the left bank of the road is being widened. This phase of the project involves the pouring of HM-20 mass concrete to strengthen the road infrastructure.

In the coming weeks, the asphalting of the road and the roundabout access to the industrial area of Costa de Antigua will also be carried out, with the forecast of concluding these works by the end of January or beginning of February. Likewise, work will begin to execute the underground drainage network in the surroundings of Caleta de Fuste, complementing the restitution of the existing ditch and the reinforcement of the curb.

In addition, as a complement to these works, a technical proposal is being developed to improve the connection junction of this area with the FV-2 road, with the aim of increasing the flow of traffic and reducing congestion, especially in certain time slots.

On the FV-20 road, work will resume next week on the surface rehabilitation of the road surface, which covers the section from Cuesta Pedrales to Tiscamanita. These works will include the installation of containment systems on the margins of the road, followed by the placement of new vertical signage that will improve orientation and destination in the surroundings of Agua de Bueyes and Tiscamanita.
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The Cabildo of Fuerteventura will carry out works in the roundabout of the Costa Antigua industrial estate to alleviate traffic that occurs in the FV-2 section ‘Aeropuerto-Pozo Negro. They propose an urgent solution to the delays on a stretch of road that exceeds 25,000 vehicles of average per day and results in a build up of traffic.

Urgent action consisting of improving access to the Costa Antigua industrial complex is needed before the building of the new road between the airport and Pozo Negro which is still at the planning stage. The President of the Cabildo, Lola Garcia, explains that "we cannot wait for the stretch of the North South Axis 'Aeropuerto-Pozo Negro ' is finished, so from the Cabildo we have sought an urgent solution that immediately alleviates the congestions that occur in this stretch of road of regional interest exceeding 25,000 vehicles of average intensity per day.”

The technical solution raised by the Cabildo de Fuerteventura consists of the creation of a direct outer lane that allows traffic to continue in a south direction without having to cross the roundabout or give way to the turning vehicle to enter the industrial estate. "This will lead to a solution to a problem that has been aggravating and that will allow an improvement in road safety and the traffic jams that occur that generate kilometres of retention," adds the Road Counselor, Blas Acosta.

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Thanks Captain, I was just about to post this. I'm not sure that it will improve matters either - or just push the problem further down the road.
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I totally agree with you Tamara, it is simply going to move the problem, I might have misread this but the problem is not traveling south, it is traveling north where you have to give way to traffic coming south that enters the industrial estate.
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I agree with you both this is only going to move the problem to the Costa Antigua and Caleta roundabouts. Only solution is a fly over and I can’t see that happening
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(14-02-2024, 09:47 PM)Can the Man Wrote: I agree with you both this is only going to move the problem to the Costa Antigua and Caleta roundabouts. Only solution is a fly over and I can’t see that happening

My exact words when I read the above. No idea how this could improve things, but I suppose the Money had to be spent somewhere! Big Grin
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Antigua and Cabildo work to end traffic jams in the Costa de Antigua Industrial Zone.

The difficulties to traffic and the growth of the area demand improvements in the accesses and in the road that leads to Caleta de Fuste

The demand of the City Council of Antigua is answered by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura to put an end to the daily traffic jams in the PV 2 at the height of the Industrial zone of Costa de Antigua in evident development and commercial growth.

The Mayor, Matías Peña and the Councilor for Traffic, Samuel Torres, visited this Friday, March 1, with the Vice President and Minister of Infrastructure of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Blas Acosta, the works that are being carried out in the section of the PV 2 at the height of the industrial area of Costa de Antigua.

The City Council of Antigua has been demanding for some time that action be taken on this main road, in which traffic jams are suffered daily, and adds the mayor, the projects and their execution by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura are welcome in response to the necessary adaptation that requires a progressive increase in the number of vehicles that circulate on this main road as well as the development of this industrial area, with the opening of new warehouses and the presence of major commercial brands.

I am grateful for the impetus given to this project by Lola García, president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, as well as the visit on the ground of the Minister of Infrastructure, Blas Acosta, who has detailed the solutions and improvements proposed, such as a double lane, which relieves the PV 2 in a northerly direction towards the airport and the capital town. and adds, Matías Peña, the minister has also raised additional proposals such as roundabouts that improve access and a road mobility plan for traffic within the industrial estate itself that facilitates vehicles to move internally from one business to another, without being forced to leave the industrial area itself, as is currently the case.

From the Department of Traffic, concludes area councillor Samuel Torres, we will coordinate with the Cabildo of Fuerteventura in everything they need to accelerate the execution of these works, and mark the internal roads from the moment it is necessary to signpost vertically and horizontally new directions, stops, accesses or parking spaces.
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March 14th update, apparently as of this morning the road behind Mercadona / Lidl is now 2 way.

IMO what they should gave done is put an access slip road in from the south infront of the Ford garage and made the front road also 2 way.
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Yes it is John we came out of Mercadona This Morning, and saw no signs until I spotted arrows on the road, I have no idea what this will achieve.
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And me, nearly got caught out as I didn't look both ways on exiting from mercadona!
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