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costa improving beaches calma access

Improving the access to Costa Calma beaches
From Diario:

Executed works to improve access to the coast of Costa Calma
  • The Consistory will allocate about 50,000 euros to install and reform wooden walkways and stairs on several beaches in the municipality
The City Council of Pájara, through the Department of Beaches, coordinated by Dunia Álvaro, has begun the execution of the improvement works of various wooden accesses located in several enclaves of the coast of Costa Calma in order to guarantee accessibility.

The action includes an investment of 50,000 euros and will be carried out by IDM Timber Engineering SL, with an expected execution period of 11 weeks.
The Councilor for Beaches, Dunia Álvaro, details that "the rehabilitation of the platform and a small access staircase from the Maritime Avenue of Costa Calma to the sand in the area of the Club Aldiana has already been completed, at the same time that the wooden staircase with piles for access to the North area of the Costa Calma Beach has been executed".
Likewise, the project foresees the improvement of the access road with stairs or wooden ramp from the beach to the public bath located in the North area of Playa Esmeralda and the wooden walkway to the Costa Calma Beach from the Solyventura complex.
"In addition to the actions that are being carried out to improve the safety and accessibility to the bathing areas, we have launched works that meet the needs and requests of the population of Costa Calma, to allow the enjoyment of the coast to all people," says the councilor.
For his part, the mayor of Pájara, Pedro Armas, underlines the importance of preserving the conditions of one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality and affirms that "these projects continue to place us as a municipality where access to the sea is safe for everyone".
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