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sistemas inet provider internet

Inet sistemas - internet provider
Hi, has anyone got any feedback on Inet sistemas? We are in LA Oliva and wondering if it's worth switching from Movistar 
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Never heard about Inet Sistemas before so done some quick research and not really convinced.

Their website is currently just a blank install of WordPress - Yes, they could had trouble with their hosting provider and lost all the data but the install is there just sitting since four days ago. They could at least write a short post to keep their customers up to date.

Checking their FB page, the reviews look really bad - as a non registered user, I can see only eight of the 11 reviews (all positive) but all are written at the end of September 2017. This isn't organic at all and honestly looks like fake/paid reviews.

Not sure about their packages but at this point I would suggest to try them for a month and sign a longer contract if you're happy with them. If they offer long term only packages, they wouldn't convince me to sigh long term contract with them today. Sorry.

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