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tenants agents information landlords letting

Information for Landlords, tenants and letting agents.
Not sure if this is the correct place for this.

Courtesy of Chris Hollis on FaceBook

Information for Landlords, tenants and letting agents.
Long term rental tenancy rights back up to 5 years on new contracts effective from 19th December 2018.
New national rentals law came into force on 19th December 2018 and seeks to mitigate effects of higher rent prices and fewer rental properties available
On 18th December 2018 The Spanish Government published a new Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU – Urban Letting Law) which amends existing non-touristic rentals of private property. The legislation, Real Decreto-ley 21/2018, de 14 de diciembre, de medidas urgentes en materia de vivienda y alquiler, will apply to any and all contracts signed from 19th December 2018. In bullet point form the main changes under this amended law are that:
1. the three year automatic renewal period returns to a five year minimum as it was prior to being reduced to three years;
2. after the first five years, further renewals are automatically for three years rather than the sole year currently;
3. in addition to the normal month’s deposit, any bond required can be no more than the equivalent of two months’ rent;
4. evictions of the socially vulnerable for rent arrears can only take place after the Court and Social Services have arranged alternative accommodation;
5. contract and administration fees must be paid by the landlord if this is a business or other legal entity (i.e. not if the landlord is a private individual);
The new regulations are intended to reinforce longer-term tenants’ rights given increases in rental costs and decreases in properties available for residential lets. The law explicitly does not cover holiday rentals which are deemed to be an economic activity governed by tourism legislation
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